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Posted: Tue, 22nd Oct 2002, 7:06pm

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ok ive heard a lot that people use photoshop to make movies i thought it only works for pictures? and does after effects or premier make lightsaber effects?
Posted: Tue, 22nd Oct 2002, 7:41pm

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Well with photoshop you can ad effects as shadows and artificial blue screens.(i use the blue screen effect a lot check out the tut's on

you can also create lightsabers and balls with it but you need to do it with ervery frame in your movie no tweening opr something like that so if your movie is 30 frame a second it can take a while.(like 20 years)

but there is an angel alamdv.
it is to bad that my dad won't let me by it cry cry cry cry

but someday i will get it
Posted: Tue, 22nd Oct 2002, 10:46pm

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Photoshop can be used quite effectively in conjunction with Premiere and After Effects. You can export your footage from either of these programs as a filmstrip, which you can then open in Photoshop and work on all of your frames in a single file. I believe this is the principal way in which Photoshop is used in video work.
Posted: Wed, 23rd Oct 2002, 2:09am

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whoa -- after effects can tween - it's major property is animation. It's not mad cash for nothing. However ALAM is much easier.
Posted: Wed, 23rd Oct 2002, 1:48pm

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YES you can do lightsaber effects and much more in AE
I think AE is the best compositingsfx app i use. i mostly am playing rnd with 3d compositing