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I'm new here! Is AlamDV2 a good program to buy?

Posted: Wed, 23rd Oct 2002, 1:36pm

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Would you say that it make sense to buy AlamDV 2 if you have only Adobe Premiere ?
Can i make to a good Action movie with AlamDV 2 or do I need something like After Effects ?

Because i have seen some good Movies made with AlamDV but they used too programms like Adobe Photo.... , Adobe Aftereffects .....

So my question is , is it enough to work with AlamDV to make this special effects ??
Are you happy with the programm ??

Duke Vince
Posted: Wed, 23rd Oct 2002, 3:18pm

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yes u can make cool sfx movies with just premiere and alamdv
if u want other cool fx why not use free apps like
auxagon, blender(best free 3d app), anim8or(2nd best but cool 3d app),
virtualdub etc
Posted: Wed, 23rd Oct 2002, 3:58pm

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AlamDV2 and Premiere make a lethal combination. You can use AlamDV2 to generate all your effects, then place the exported footage onto a Premiere timeline for editing.

Of course, your effects will be strictly limited to the plug-ins available (hey, but having about 400 of 'em to choose from ain't shabby!). With other apps like Photoshop, you'll be able to create your own plug-ins, which will of course open up whole new worlds smile But such apps are a luxury, not a necessity!
Posted: Thu, 24th Oct 2002, 8:45am

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i can vouch for it being the dogs bollocks.

Easily the best SFX creating tool for amateurs in low-budget range, and indeed a much higher budget range!