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Glass shattering plugin!

Posted: Thu, 24th Oct 2002, 8:08pm

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Could someone make a plugin where it's:

1. a. Glass shattering towards the camera
b. Side view of glass shattering

This would be good so someone could fly through a window or something without the need for real glass or sugar glass!
Posted: Thu, 24th Oct 2002, 10:11pm

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Thats a very good idea!
Posted: Fri, 25th Oct 2002, 7:54am

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I suggest glass cracking yesturday...
Posted: Mon, 28th Oct 2002, 3:20am

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Well, I need it for my movie(who woulda guessed?) so it would be helpful if it were to be made.
Posted: Thu, 7th Nov 2002, 6:38am

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Wild Thing

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I found that it is easy to just use effects that are already available in AlamDV2 (eg. particles left, particles right) to create the effect of glass shattering. Example: if you group the above mentioned plugins tightly together and place them over an empty window or door pane, the outcome is very realistic biggrin

You might have to group about 12 of the particles together all around the pane, but results are very, very satifactory!!

Just check out the image from my upcoming film to see the effect in action smile

Posted: Thu, 7th Nov 2002, 7:50am

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Wow, I must admit that does look good! I've to see the actual video clip to be entirely convinced, though. In the meantime, here's +1 for your efforts biggrin
Posted: Thu, 7th Nov 2002, 8:21am

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Wild Thing

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Then go to my site and check out the video clip of that scene. It's located on the Video Clips Page under the film Dark World: Duel Of The Assassins.

Here's the link