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Ok i have 2 questions

Posted: Fri, 25th Oct 2002, 6:53pm

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in the movie (The best lightsaber duel ever which lightsaber plugin did they use?

And could i use Adobe After Effects To make the lightsabers of a movie in every frame and can u use AE to bluescreen?
Posted: Fri, 25th Oct 2002, 7:10pm

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i guess they used alamdv. but the look alittle to good for that. and yes. u could do that.
Posted: Sat, 26th Oct 2002, 4:36am

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Actually, that clip was made by Flashart Pictures, so I think it's very safe to say that it was AlamDV that they used. However, if I remember correctly, it was made with AlamDV1, not Two.
Posted: Sat, 26th Oct 2002, 1:00pm

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they used the "Alamdv1 Lightsword" plugin. THey used alamdv1 which is why the don't have used masking but have just made lots of lightsabers to make it look as it's masked
Posted: Wed, 30th Oct 2002, 5:34pm

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I used ALAMDV1 and quite rightly didn't mask anything out. I could have exported the saber layer out to AE and masked it out there before compositing it with the background footage... but quite frankly I couldn't be arsed. The blades were moving so quick that unless you pause/slo mo the clip you can't tell that they're all square-ended around my head and stuff. There's no point making extra work for yourself if the final results can't be determined when the clip's played back at full speed.