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AlamDV and the near future...

Posted: Tue, 4th Sep 2001, 3:11pm

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Joshua Davies

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Hi Everyone,

As you have probably noticed things are changing a bit round here. The forum has been cleaned up a bit after the release of AlamDV version 1 FINAL, although I still have a bit more to do.
We will also be changing the interface of the site - the flash menu will be going and the site will reorganised.

We are going this for three reasons.

1. We like to keep things updated for our current users and keep the place fresh for new visitors.

2. AlamDV 1 FINAL has been released and AlamDV 2 is not far away (end of October).

3. We are going to be on the cover of a large UK PC magazine call "PC Plus" which will be giving away AlamDV 1 FINAL (don't worry, they have to pay for version 2 unlike all current version 1 users smile ).

This should mean that we will have a few thousand new users joining the AlamDV web site (the magazine goes out to at least 300,000 readers!). To this end we need to update everything. A new front page or introduction page for every section for easier navigation.

Better adverts and offers to users and new visitors. Enhancements to the cinema, gallery forum and chat sections.

We will also be making more effort to protect ourselves from the people that aim to damage AlamDV and the web site.

Through all this there is one thing you can be sure of...

As an original AlamDV user we respect what YOU have done for US. You took a gamble and when you invested your money in our project. Without you we would have nothing. AlamDV would not have grown into a community and we would not be able to eat smile .

From all here at csb-digital we thank you and we will make sure your investment holds true into the future.