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VIDEO Categories

Posted: Wed, 30th Oct 2002, 3:28pm

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This was mentioned just recently and I think It's a very good idea. I think that videos should be chopped up into different categories so that they can be voted on accordingly.

It's hard for me to give a good rating for a movie that has no plot line, just sfx because you are supposed to vote it on how good a movie it is....

HOWEVER, if the bad plotline movie was in the category, for instance, Special Effects Movie than I would give it an excellent rating based on what its strengths are.

I just think mixing a bunch of different sorts of movies in the same category is a mistake, and besides, it would give more people a chance to get into the top ten if there are more than one category of movies.

Just a thought.... A good one I might add wink
Posted: Wed, 30th Oct 2002, 5:08pm

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This subject has been covered ( a few hundred times)

I think you have got to a point ( and rightly so ) when your film is/ was in the top ten.
I do think that once someone makes a film and it gets into the top ten ( even for just one day ) that person will then want to change the voting system ( and rightly so ) so their film has the best chance.

These kind of posts will keep popping up until, at the very least it's split into 2 films / clips.
Posted: Wed, 30th Oct 2002, 5:45pm

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Two Gunned Saint

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I don't like it when a Film is reveiwed as something it's not. The Arnie film "Collateral Damage" got bad reviews on the grounds off that it wasn't a political film. Therefore I think it's a good idea. If someone made a fantastic film on here, with amazing cinematography, performances and story, however it didn't have any flying Aliens in it, so it was never in the Top Ten I think they'd be pissed off.
Posted: Wed, 30th Oct 2002, 11:25pm

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i was just thinking about this -- tests should have their own category. Maybe also have pulldown boxes with 1-5 for camera, originality, story/plot, sfx, compression, etc. Then leave it at that many ratings or have the site average the scores and that be that. It needs to be broken down, more analytical. Anything to stop the "hey, why'd you only vote 2 when you gave movie xyz a 5!?" comments.
Posted: Thu, 31st Oct 2002, 1:08am

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You know, instead of movies being split up into a bajillion different categories, what if we could figure out an accurate way to rank them?

Oh, and should we continue this in the thread for "The Walk"? We already got a lot o' stuff there.

P.S. I think the film/clips category is a good idea, though.
Posted: Thu, 31st Oct 2002, 1:35am

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heh . . yeah i we split the movies into categories, it's be something like:

Action: 523
Sci-fi: 79
Tests: 134

Which isn't really that broad, because that's how the cinema section is - not broad. But in a GOOD way! wink
Posted: Thu, 31st Oct 2002, 3:57am

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I just thought of a way to reduce the controversy associated with categorisation. The solution is the foundation of any democratic society: freedom of choice.

What we can do is to decide on the categories here, on the Forum. We'll come to some form of concensus perhaps through the use of polls etc. Then when it comes to movie submission, the person submitting the film will be given the choice of choosing the category that his/her film falls within.

The beauty if this is that if the fella categorises his/her film incorrectly, then no one can be blamed for giving it a low score, even if the film was good. Accountability is shifted from moderators to the film makers themselves.

There are still huge problems with deciding on categories though, because films do not necessarily fall within clearly delineated boundaries. In critical literary theory, I believe the cross-fertilisation of genres is known as 'Intertextuality', and virtually every movie or media object bears this trait. For example, it's not uncommon to find romance in a comedy (hence the label 'romantic comedy') but to resort to this sort of preciseness here in the AlamDV cinema would be to complicate matters too much.

I propose that the division (should it happen) be a simple one: e.g. Film (expected qualities: plot, minimum length..etc); Trailer (expected quality: semblance of plot); Extended FX test (expected qualities: use of effects, minimum length); FX test (expected quality: use of effects). Sumthin' like that lol