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An improved movie rating system

Posted: Wed, 30th Oct 2002, 11:29pm

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Currently, movies are being rated by many individuals who
have different standards. For example, one might rate a movie
as a five solely based on story line. One might rate the same
movie based on the use of effects and only give it a two.

As an idea, how about instead of a rating system of 1 to 5,
why not exand our rating system into categories.
Such as,
and so on.
Each category can be rated differently from say, 1 to 5
The points are added for a total score.

Also, we could have a rubric or some sort of standard grade sheet
so we could have a definition of what a 1 is up to what a 5 is.
I believe this would give a better score representation of our
community's movies and would provide better feedback to
the filmakers.
Posted: Thu, 31st Oct 2002, 12:47am

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Ha! Beat you by 4 seconds!
Posted: Thu, 31st Oct 2002, 12:49am

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I guess great minds think alike. Some, a little faster... wink
Posted: Sat, 2nd Nov 2002, 11:30am

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Ahhshiwawa... we have someone jealous here!
Posted: Sat, 2nd Nov 2002, 12:07pm

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If this existing system in its present format must stay at least change the units of voting to % even going to 2nd dec.point this will make it more flexible and help to iron out 85.75%or 85.95% the latter of course being the winner.
I think it would be a start of a better system.
BTW there is another ,if not more, threads discussing this.....check'em out.
Posted: Wed, 11th Dec 2002, 7:12pm

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There has been ALOT of talking about changing the voting....i had a topic like 4 months ago....malone just seems to be too lazy to actually do the changes.
Posted: Wed, 11th Dec 2002, 7:36pm

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Great idea razz but if he's doing that he should make it like if he gets over 4+ in all fields then he should get a couple of force points (as in 4+ on all from one person)...

Now its time for me to act like an admin: "THIS SHOULD BE IN THE WEBSITE DISSCUSSION FORUM!"