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Ice / Snow Pluggin Pack

Posted: Mon, 4th Nov 2002, 6:42pm

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I'm making a movie requiring an "Ice cave" type shot. could ne one make a pack which includes things like Iceicles (how eva u spell that) ground now and maybe a few jagged pieces of Ice for me


James cool
Posted: Mon, 4th Nov 2002, 6:50pm

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Good idea.

maybe the guy that made the kryptonite could turn it blue and lose the glow ?

( you know who your are, moe , show off ) wink
Posted: Tue, 5th Nov 2002, 5:32am

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Hyuk hyuk, I wish I could, dudes, but I'm really busy at the moment biggrin Any other takers?
Posted: Tue, 5th Nov 2002, 1:54pm

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I wish i could, but i have no idea how! Sorry, if i could i would be makin plugins up the wazoo! rolleyes