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The truth about alam sabers

Posted: Thu, 7th Nov 2002, 2:24am

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As i can see it the alam sabers are great. I hate seeing those forums about people saying that the alam sabers suck. After seeing movies with alam sabers in action, id have to say they are awsome. ive even got results that almost match the AOTC sabers. And in every forum like that ive seen schwar has been arguing against that and I totally agree with him. This program can get the exact results as you can from Adabe AE and Photoshop. You juist need to mess with the options. I just learned how to get sweet looking lightsabers about a week ago. Before that i thought they sucked. Its something called the "blur" function biggrin . i think we should not open our mouths about how they suck untill you mess with them for a while.

PHEW now that i just got cleared up i hope not to see another forum saying that alam sabers are not good.

If you do i will hunt u down twisted

Jearg (my nick name)
Posted: Thu, 7th Nov 2002, 7:14am

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i know alamdv sabers rock cool but u cant get the exact result as u would get from AE though. This is because of 2 main reasons
AE will give more parameters
AE has a better rendering system
Posted: Thu, 7th Nov 2002, 7:59am

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billy, are you sure your 12.....

are you mensa, your the smartest 12 year old i know. wink
Posted: Thu, 7th Nov 2002, 8:35am

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Posted: Thu, 7th Nov 2002, 10:14am

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Yeah! *Moebius looks at Billy3D skeptically* If you're really 12, you must be some kinda child genius, a prodigy! biggrin You're one smart dood... cool
Posted: Thu, 7th Nov 2002, 10:52am

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Joshua Davies

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Billy, you could also look at it like this.

1. You can't get the same results in AE as AlamDV2 becase AlamDV was created to make lightswords and AE was not.

2. AlamDV2 is far easier and quicker to create lightswords.

Yes AE can do things that AlamDV2 can not but it doesn't mean its better at all of them. I would say that AlamDV2 lightswords are just as good as those made in AfterEffects as long as you use the blur function and work shot-by-shot.
Posted: Thu, 7th Nov 2002, 1:49pm

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Stop picking on a 12 year old kid! razz

Actually, he is right (schwar) I love the look of the sabers and they are very easy to use. Wait till you see Rebel Alliance! The sabers look very cool! Check out to see some pics!
Posted: Thu, 7th Nov 2002, 3:18pm

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Rotting Bob

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I think that the obvious point to make here is that ALAMdv only costs £50 and if anything else does the same job for the same dollar then I'd like to know. The program does not need to defend itself on those grounds alone. Yes AE does alot of stuff better but then it should cause it costs 8 times as much. It's like comparing a Ford to a Merc....

The Ford can do everything the Merc can, is often easier to work out what all the knobs and switches do but it's got slightly less adjustability on the steering wheel and seat and's a bit rougher round the edges. At the end of the day though they're both very good cars.