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A shadow plugin is there one already

Posted: Fri, 8th Nov 2002, 3:36pm

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I've made a black square & black circle that i have used as a shadow for my new film, is there a shadow plugin already ?

i've looked on the plugins but can't find one.

What i've done is, as a space ship flies over a building i've angled the black square ( with transparency ) to go over the building and along the ground, it works realy well.
but i'm sure someone made one ?
if not shall i upload it and maybe a grey one ?
Posted: Fri, 8th Nov 2002, 3:45pm

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If I remember correctly, Owen Rixon made a couple o' shadow plug-ins when he first joined the AlamDV forum. We could always do with more though - fire away, B4usask! biggrin
Posted: Fri, 8th Nov 2002, 6:39pm

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I used one a while back and uploaded a shadow test, i used the alpha shadow basic in the plugins directory, i think axeman did it
Posted: Fri, 8th Nov 2002, 6:49pm

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i thought your shadow test was done in a 3d program

sorry, well done that's the same way i use my shadows.
Posted: Fri, 8th Nov 2002, 9:26pm

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owen rixon

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I made 1 which was really poor...which appears to have been removed, but this is the 1 U'l be looking for.
Posted: Sat, 9th Nov 2002, 12:19am

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Yeah, I did the alpha shadow basic plug-in, which is just basic shapes, (square, circle, triangle) hence the name. If you can think of other shapes that would be useful, I could probably do them.

If you need a shadow for an existing plug-in (like a jet or something), I'm not gonna create a specific shadow plug-in for each one, but I can tell you how to build your own from the plug-in you are working with. If you have photoshop, that is. It is really easy if you already have the plug-in.