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guinipigs mouth moving (was:PLugin request)

Posted: Fri, 8th Nov 2002, 6:22pm

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Hi guyes. can somebody make me a plugin of a guinipigs mouth moving. Should look as if it is talking, like in doctor dollittle. With light brown color, please

Thanx devilskater
Posted: Fri, 8th Nov 2002, 8:31pm

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depends, do you want it to say kshkhsshskshkshskhsh or bark?
Posted: Fri, 8th Nov 2002, 9:28pm

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i think that plugin would be realy hard to do,

the plugin maker would need to know what colour the gpig is, and what angle.
and they would need to find a gpig matching that one, or a cg gpig ( but that won't look right )

I think what you need is a plugin that would be universal eg: just a mouth without fur, moving ( still would be hard )

another idea is to frame grab your gpig and use photoshop to make it's mouth move, but that could take a while.

anyone got any idea's
Posted: Fri, 8th Nov 2002, 9:29pm

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owen rixon

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Is it for a live action guinipig, or do you want a CG 1. If its the live action 1, thats almost impossible, as moving the mouth also requires the whole face to move. If its the CG 1, then fur is hard to animate, and it probably wont look real. Might I suggest a puppet, or a very good reliable computer animation company (I think Im overestimating your budget).
Posted: Sat, 9th Nov 2002, 12:24am

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Maybe if you want help the best thing would be to post an image from the clip of your guineapig.
Posted: Sat, 9th Nov 2002, 12:42am

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no chance you can do that with a plugin... It is possible though. If you use a morphing tool in combination with Photoshop. It will be very hard and timeconsuming. But could be done...
Posted: Sat, 9th Nov 2002, 10:04am

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if u have poser get avatar lab then you can make a CG gpig.
There is this company called Reallusion
i have every single one of their products which are:-
2. Crazy talk
3. Its me
4. Itsme Keypose editor

What you need is crazytalk:-
The worlds only facial animation tool that gives you the power to create talking animated images from a single photograph, complete with emotions, now makes it even easier with new feature enhancements.

So you just get the pic of the gpig and follow the instructions.
What ever you type it'll say, it'll even move the mouth according to audio.

Posted: Sat, 9th Nov 2002, 6:55pm

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A note on Crazytalk: the results are far from realistic. They usually end up looking like animated paper cut-outs biggrin