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Visions of the Darkside

Posted: Mon, 11th Nov 2002, 11:03am

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Colapsar Entertainment invites you to experience, "Visions of the Darkside"! Where the young Jedi, Master Rendu, gets ready to join his fellow Jedi in the fight against the Sith... but before he can depart, an old friend, now corrupted by the Darkside, has come to destroy him. This Sith warrior possesses a dark secret that is about to be revealed in this high impact, lightsaber clashing short film!
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Posted: Mon, 11th Nov 2002, 11:45am

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sorry paul, I don't like you, so i'm going to give it a bad review...


( now i've got that out of the way, on with the review )

I thought the opening titles were too slow and hard to read ( angled too much ? )
music a little too loud ( or speach too low )

that's the only bad things i could find, here's a list of good things.

girl lol
acting was a lot better than most on here.
good to see wipes used.
fight scene one of the best i've seen ( up there with X's rebel alliance film )
very good use of fx
good directing
editing was nice a tight.
A pleasure to watch ( i mean that, i enjoyed watching it )
fast paced.

And the reason why i don't like you is, I HAVE TO GIVE THIS A 5. lol ( But please feel free to watch and vote on ther films wink )
Posted: Mon, 11th Nov 2002, 12:41pm

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Awsome a real masterpiece in the world of FanFilms, one of the best i have seen!

The Coustumes
The Plot
The Camera Work
The Lightsaber/fight scene
The full movie it self.

Hard to find any weakpoints but i could find some after watching it a couple of times

in the opening-crawli think it sais darkjedis, it just supose to be jedi couse they dont say Jedis with an S.
the dark jedi walked really funny at the point 04.50
it looks to much like an park where they are fighting..
The lightsaber could have had some more glow at some points..
Posted: Mon, 11th Nov 2002, 5:01pm

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great film!!! 5 stars all the way!

i especially liked the bit after 6minutes when the good jedi is thrown to the ground, and then you reverse the same shot so it looks like he's springing up in a totally cool way

Posted: Mon, 11th Nov 2002, 5:40pm

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Can this movie go where no movie has gone before, and replace "The Test" at the No. 1 spot permanently? Judging by the votes so far, I wouldn't bet against it! biggrin

Honestly, I still prefer "The Test" over "Visions", but there's just too much to like about this flick not to give it any less than 5 stars. The costumes were good, the dialogue was (generally) good, the editing was tight, the fight scene was awesome. I felt the actors did a pretty good job too (esp. the Sith clone, who had the evil, menacing look down)! Definitely one of the best performances I've seen in any Star Wars fan film so far.

Little did I expect a Star Wars related movie without any blue / greenscreening and without any CG whatsoever to turn out so well. I would've still enjoyed a little of those elements, though - that would've sealed this movie as one of the most memorable 'stars' in an ever-expanding galaxy of Star Wars fan films.
Posted: Mon, 11th Nov 2002, 5:49pm

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Rating: +1

Fives?! Don't get me wrong here, I liked it. But votes of fives?

I loved the Lighstaber fight - That's what happens when it's properly executed with fight co-ordination and obviously, people who know what they're doing.

Shame I saw what was gonna happen to Mr White Robe, a mile off!

Apart from the guy in the yellow robe, acting was decent. But I have seen better in other Alam movies.

The scrolling graphic was far too angled - I had to pause the player at points to try and figure out what the text was, on the screen!

Editing was decent, but shaky. Some angles were a bit odd and plenty shots just didn't fall into frame nicely.

Sound was for the most part, good. But it was obviously cut up quite ferociously! Decent placement of SFX, though.

Shame about the shot at 4:37... mismatch of continuity (sunshine then none).

Nice locations, sure. Good costumes. And of course, nice girl!

Well, it wasn't bad and surely is better than a lot of Alam films I've seen here. However, I'm a little dumbfounded as to why people have given it nothing but praise with fives. It's nothing that I haven't see before on the Alam site.
It won't get a five from me. Purely because I've seen better films on Alam that got threes and fours. I'm hard pushed to give it a three... but I'm going away to think about giving a four.

Posted: Mon, 11th Nov 2002, 7:57pm

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very good movie. the only things that looked bad was the opening crawl and when the jedi in the white costume was getting stabbed. looked like he was enjoying it.

well very good better then i can do. Hey wait ive never made a movie yet.

nice to see older kids making a starwars movie. most older kids in my school are like starwars is gay and is for little kids.

now to get back to the movie. music was good custumes good. practically everything good.

GOOD JOB!!!!!! biggrin biggrin biggrin
Posted: Mon, 11th Nov 2002, 8:50pm

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Nice Film (and congrats for beeing in the Top spot) smile

I espacially liked the sword fighting scene. That was choreograved very well. The female Costume did look great too. Just like in the real Star Wars. And the editing was very well done (it was what I liked most)-

Still I cannot give you 5 stars as I think too many things can be much improved.
The camerawork for example. Most of the shots were very far away and some angles should have been chosen more carefully. The Light was nothing special, most shots looked like you didn't watch for good light, even if you work with daylight. (Wich was much better in the other SW Fanfilm in the Cinema)
And the fact that you used music all over the whole video. In a 10 minute feature I think you should have moments that live by the acting or the soundwork. Putting that much music over it is usually a sign of bad audiowork.

Still it was fun to watch and I'm looking forward to seeing more!
Posted: Mon, 11th Nov 2002, 9:39pm

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sweet lightsabor scene
Posted: Mon, 11th Nov 2002, 10:11pm

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Very good movie, i like the lightsabor scene but i dont like the lightsaber echo, i dont know, not my taste, it is too ...... dont know, btw 5 star 4 u. biggrin
Posted: Tue, 12th Nov 2002, 2:07am

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Hello, I hope you all are at least enjoying "Visions of the Darkside" Just for the record I am well aware of the scrolling text problems and spelling errors, just to busy to go back and re-edit confused Also I want to let everyone know that we were working with no-budget and all props and costumes were made, including the light-sabers. Also the film was shot in just three days at 5-6 hours a day, and this marks Colapsar Entertainments first short to involve special effects! lol so thanks for all the comments, good or bad, they are much appreciated... Paul Peach

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Posted: Tue, 12th Nov 2002, 7:28am

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what do you think other peoples starwars films paul ?
Posted: Tue, 12th Nov 2002, 7:52pm

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Paul, I went to your website and notice that you use lighting kits. I was wondering what kind they were, how much did u buy them for, and where I could get them. This is someting I have done some homework on and hope to find some ways that I could produce some professional lighting cheaply (I am only 14) Thanks, Kyeju
Posted: Wed, 13th Nov 2002, 12:00am

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arch evil

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Yes, it showcases your abilities quite well. I did think it was quite fantastic, a great homage to Star Wars and "By Golly" doesn't a story (no matter what it is) make a film, even a fan film just so much better?

I, like everyone else, loved the fight scene. Costumes were great and quite elaborate. However, I will say that I think that it definately helps to have the flexibility you have to pull off a decent fight with falls and stunts. I guess it's the old if you got it flaunt it routine.

Hmm, you know what? I actually really liked the HUD you used at the beginning.

Excellent work, Good luck in future projects!
Posted: Wed, 13th Nov 2002, 12:48am

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Very nice
fun to watch
some interesting cinematography
the only thing this doesn't prove your abilities in plot development
nice sets
nice costumes
nice effects

sorry because i think that the plot is the most important thing in a film i have to give this a 4 if it was anything else or at least a larger twist on starwars i would give it a 5
Posted: Wed, 13th Nov 2002, 3:40am

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Nice movie, but did you really have to use Duel of the Fates? eek
Could improve on some things, but im sure they've been covered. Other than that, i thought it was pretty cool. Good work!
Posted: Wed, 13th Nov 2002, 12:18pm

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John Harrower

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Excellent film. Classy lightsaber action. Its right up my street! I love it!
Posted: Thu, 14th Nov 2002, 5:57pm

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That was cool. Excellent choreography and fighting. Are either of you by any chance martial artists? or maybe gymnists? You seem flexible enough to flip yourself up off the floor and perfirm roundhouse kicks, which is not an easy task. For people that don't believe me, have a go. Very nice effects. Shame you didn't have a more 'Star wars' style location, but I guess that's near impossible without blue/green screening. And who was that lovely lady?
I'd give you a 5 just for that, but I think that would be unfair. We need more movies with girls in them.
Hopefuly this won't be the last movie we see from you, because if this is anything to go by, your future projects will be equaly as good and hopefuly even better.
I feel quite embarrased by my two efforts when I compare them to a lot of the movies on this site. I really need to make more of an effort. If only my so called 'friends' would do the same.
I would complain, but nobody ever takes any notice of what I say.
Posted: Fri, 15th Nov 2002, 12:30am

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Hi I am brandnew to this site, and this is the first movie I watched, Wow if there are more like this, this is a great site!
Posted: Fri, 15th Nov 2002, 1:41am

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serious fight scene, best I have seen on the sight yet! although I have seen better storylines... but who cares about story when you can kick ass!
Posted: Sat, 16th Nov 2002, 7:48pm

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This film's the shit...No doubt.
Posted: Sun, 17th Nov 2002, 3:35am

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cool hollow gram things, how'd you do that?
Posted: Sun, 17th Nov 2002, 2:51pm

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i think, he place the actor on the blue screen and there is two mathod, key out the blue behind the actor and use channel>blend in ae or key out the blue and alpha the actor and turn it into plug-in and use it on alam, there is other mathod u can use. biggrin
Posted: Thu, 21st Nov 2002, 12:07am

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well chaps, good show, kinda sapy at first, but then gets really good! 5 from me
Posted: Thu, 21st Nov 2002, 8:25pm

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Great film. Awesome effects.
Posted: Thu, 21st Nov 2002, 9:22pm

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I liked the film with the graphics on the sabers, but the film won't always play. I tried before and caught about 2 minutes of waiting then it played. Who's the girl in the film? Shes pretty cute. I don't want to start any fights or anything, but shes a babe. I liked the blue screen action with the hollograms. Those were pretty bitchin. I hope to see more like this one.

Peace out.
Posted: Fri, 22nd Nov 2002, 2:05am

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We got a girl in DXM!

OOOOOoooooohhhh YEEeeeAAaaaahhhhh. cool cool cool cool cool
Posted: Fri, 22nd Nov 2002, 7:09pm

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this films pretty bad ass guys. i like the lightsabers. but the camera was a little shaky in some parts. might want to look into that for the future. overall i really enjoyed the film. you get a 5 from me. keep it up.
Posted: Fri, 22nd Nov 2002, 7:25pm

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how in the hek did you guys pull off those saber scenes and the hologram. i need to know. i need to know. please tell me biggrin
Posted: Fri, 22nd Nov 2002, 7:48pm

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First of all, I would like to start off by asking: Who is the guy in the white in the beginning, I think I know him. Second: I fuc%&$ love the light sabers. And third, but certainly not the least, the girl, she was beautiful.

Overall, great job, no quite in what I expected when I first heard about, but damn decent anyway. Are going to make a sequel? confused
Posted: Fri, 22nd Nov 2002, 8:50pm

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That's what I call a Star Wars Fan Film!!!
Posted: Sat, 23rd Nov 2002, 6:32pm

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37 ratings of Five, eh? ... Hmmm.... rolleyes

It's good, but it's not that good. Hope there's no cheating going on here...
Posted: Sun, 24th Nov 2002, 1:19am

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listen, with all due respect, we have already posted this film on were over 23,000 people from California to Tokyo have already viewed it there! Futhermore, it is linked to our website which is in turn linked directly to this site, so, a lot of traffic from that site has now ened up here. And I am sure there is more to come... We still have not had all our friends and family view it on this site, so please don't go making any accusations on pure assumptions. No hard feelings and thank you for your feed back nonetheless,

Thanks, Paul Peach
Posted: Sun, 24th Nov 2002, 2:00am

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Whoa. eek

No need to be that defensive! Jeez. Just thought it was strange, is all.

Sheesh. Just think it's a little unfair to have people who aren't Alam-regulars voting on a film. It's obviously designed to get your film to no.1. Can't say I've ever asked anyone to vote on my film. Just its co-creators, of course.

Posted: Mon, 25th Nov 2002, 11:58pm

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is that how you did the hollow grams, I have to know! also there appeared to break up a little bit like they do in the movies, how do you create that effect?
Posted: Fri, 6th Dec 2002, 1:39am

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great sabre fight
Posted: Sat, 7th Dec 2002, 11:50pm

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Jealous Flesh

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I think the sabers could have benefited from a softer edge, the curved blade, rather than the straight shape triangles that appear too often. And it may have been the compression, but the colors were awfully muted.

Now did you lift entire sections of SW movie sound FX to fill in the sounds of your saber fight? It seemed to me that I would hear clashes when no clashes were on the screen. This is a common fanfilm tactic, yet it never works. It is impossible to syncronize the sounds.

But otherwise it was certainly Ok (but I have just seen Duality and Knightquest one time too many). We shall see what the SW fan community response is, but even beating THE TEST is only the first hurdle. Beating DUALITY will take an act of God. wink
Posted: Thu, 12th Dec 2002, 2:49am

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not bad, not bad at all.

not nearly as good as your adrenaline short, but time has elapsed since you made this hasn't it?

sound - definitely could have been better
cinematography - passing
effects - stunning(as far as lightsabers go, anyway; your holograms could have used a a few static bars traversing their lengths)
action - outstanding, you all definitely have a good feel for artistic style where that is concerned
actors - great! that girl is a babe, no she's a mega babe, in fact, if she were a president, she'd be Baberham Lincoln (kudos to anyone who got that!)

I liked the story, that's something no one seems to have thought of before : the Sith are mega-powerful, so why would they waste time and resources cloning simple foot soldiers? why wouldn't they clone each other to make hundreds of thousands of Sith lords? I'm glad you guys finally broached that idea.

overall, I give ya 4 (mostly because of your audio problems)
Posted: Thu, 19th Dec 2002, 12:28am

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The choreography was great, but i'm sad to say it was ruined by funky looking lightsabers.

two things:

The ends of the sabers need to be ROUND when swung around. I see this in too many alamdv movies.


The glow is acting weird. you should do test renders to see if the fx are correct, and if not, use a plug-in that works. there are so many lightsaber plug-ins that I don't know if you were using a correctly working one.
Posted: Fri, 20th Dec 2002, 2:07am

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i liked this movie alot for alot of reasons.

1) Mostly good sound and music
2) Good costumes! I kinda borrowed from your idea of having different colored tunics in my fanfilm (Mine's Red)
3) Great Choreography
4) Mostly good acting but what am I saying mostly for I'm 14 and mine sucks.
5) Holograms
6) That saber getting cut in half...awesome.
7) That sith's eyes flashing...awesome.

But there are a few things that I found wrong with it.

1) The sabers looked alittle wierd
2) The five saber hit sound effect played while the sith was kicking and was used multiple times.

Very good! Are you going to do a sequel to expand on the sith cloning idea or are you just going to leave it how it is?
Posted: Tue, 7th Jan 2003, 12:19pm

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a great fight !