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There is no spoon

Posted: Mon, 11th Nov 2002, 7:25pm

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Can someone make a plugin where its a spoon bending and twisting around? So you could mask it into someones hand and say, "... there is no spoon."

Front view, side view and back view would be nice!

Thanks!! biggrin
Posted: Mon, 11th Nov 2002, 7:47pm

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so what you want is someone holding a cg spoon ( not looking like a cg spoon)

and the spoon is bending out of shape while they are holding it.

if this is right, piece of cake.

let me know, it shouldn't take long.
Posted: Mon, 11th Nov 2002, 8:46pm

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owen rixon

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I assume Ur referrering to that scene in the do you intend on doing the reflections?
Posted: Sun, 17th Nov 2002, 4:27pm

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I say use 3dsmax (Thats I used to make a spoon) results were great. Maybe another 3d program could help