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Trophy-Winning Plugin Search

Posted: Wed, 13th Nov 2002, 12:56am

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Hey guys. I've been knee deep in work, and other wacky things that have been going on here, but I'm finally back! Whoo! There has been so much that I've missed (my, have those force bars grown! biggrin ), and I'm really digging this new trophy thing with the plugins. I was wondering if there will be an 'award winning' plugin search option so I can see the best of the best. Sorry if this topic has been brought up, I'm still sifting through my logs. Thanks in advance!
Posted: Wed, 13th Nov 2002, 3:27am

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According to Tarn, it'll be implemented ASAP - good to see you back, Flip! biggrin
Posted: Wed, 13th Nov 2002, 7:45am

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Hi, Flip

welcome back.......( you have been missed ) even by me.... wink

now all we need is TMM back. razz
Posted: Wed, 13th Nov 2002, 10:54am

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Simon K Jones

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Welcome back flip.

TMM still hangs around on the chat, he just doesn't have time to post to the forum what with all his college work at the moment. If anybody wants to talk to the guy you should come on the chat in the evenings (UK time!).