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Tuesdays Disasters

Posted: Wed, 12th Sep 2001, 4:20pm

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The whole team would like to offer its sincerest condolences to all our American friends in light of the terrible disaster that happened on Tuesday (11/9/2001). Our thoughts go out especially to those people who may have known someone involved in this tragedy.

While we are based in England, this act of terrorism effects us all on a basic human level and on a global scale. We wish everybody luck with dealing with this disaster, and hope all rescue efforts are successful as possible.

Everyone please help where you can

Posted: Thu, 13th Sep 2001, 1:56am

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Hi Malone.
Thank You All...

Your concerns are heartfelt and appreciated more than you can know.

I realize this forum is not an appropriate vehicle to promote social or personal causes... have caught flak about posts I wrote on other forums concerning the awesome tornado we here in Oklahoma had a couple of years ago and the horrible bombing we also bore downtown.

It seems our destiny to bear some sort of witness to the horrible nature of humanity, as did our forbearers.

I'd like to speak on behalf of the United States of America and particularily the people of New York City and say "Thank You".

As Americans we realize that not all the peoples of the world share our opinions, lifestyles and dreams, but I can say that the associations I'm making on this forum, and the friendships I have acquired here still comfort me...knowing that there are wonderful caring people across the globe.

It is an amazing thing to see how the Americans are working together to take care of the victims, the families, the city of New York and our own towns, neighborhoods and shires.

All pretense aside, it is difficult to understand the level of tradegy that has occoured this week. Watching a television set can never hope to recreate the actual events we have all by now witnessed.

I find myself wondering why people can bear so much hate, but I clutch my heart, knowing that the broader will of goodness and charity will bear the suffering in strong arms.

Please continue to think of the victims, and continue to hold hope in your heart. This is going to be a better world.

We will recover. We will become stronger.
Posted: Thu, 13th Sep 2001, 5:55pm

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Thanks. C3's thoughts allign with my own. The amount of True Patriotism in the U.S. has humbled me. The support abroad is also felt. I personally do not know anyone in NY City but my heart is full, and the heroism as well as the horror leaves me speechless.
Posted: Fri, 14th Sep 2001, 12:54pm

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Joshua Davies

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Our thoughts are with are American friends.

No words can describe how shocking the events of this week have been. The USA, as the strongest country in the world, has been the centre of an attack on the democratic world.

If a few evil people are prepared to go to these lengths then the world has to take action. Whatever action the USA takes, you can be sure, the UK will back it 100%.

Good luck....

Kindest Regards.


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