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is it worth it.?.?.?.?.?

Posted: Fri, 22nd Nov 2002, 10:50pm

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is it really worth it to buy alamdv? i mean, i dont know if i should spend the money if its not worth it. for everyone that owns it, could you tell me all the pros and cons about it, thank you
Posted: Fri, 22nd Nov 2002, 11:08pm

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ALam DV is the ultimate program for anyone that likes making movies and likes making special effects. The last film I made was 90 minutes, and we had a premier party with a free BBQ and everything. Tons of people showed, we watched it on a 61" TV and not one person went away wishing they had done something else. Everyone was blown away with the FX-most credited to ALAMDV!

The most affordable, not talked about, BEST FX program around. PERIOD.
Posted: Sat, 23rd Nov 2002, 1:21am

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two things I've seldomly heard -- this movie sucks / this plug-in sucks

two things I've never heard -- AlamDV sucks / this site sucks

you will not be disappointed if you purchase this program (unless you got problems) -- even if you have to not eat a day or two to save up the money!! crazy It's so cheap, I felt guilty paying so little.
Posted: Sat, 23rd Nov 2002, 1:56am

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omg omg omg

no it's not

ever since i got alamdv i've been a raving drunk

alamdv leads you into the downward spiral - and never lets you out


actually it is worth it

i like access to all the plugins . . . .

exccccellent twisted just a paawwwn in my master plan twisted
Posted: Sat, 23rd Nov 2002, 6:21am

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pro's- make ultimate sfx with a low buget!, new plugins come out everyday, use alamdv in conjuction with other apps like 3dsmax, AE to make sfx xtraviganza'z, get help from this worderful alamdv community biggrin.

con's- nothing! ALAMDV JUST RUL'Z!!! lol

I say just BUY IT!! cool

Posted: Sat, 23rd Nov 2002, 8:59am

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AlamDV is definitely an excellent value, a superb application at price that is so low, it is almost rediculous. There are many useful and high-quality plug-ins available, and there will always be more coming, at no additional cost. If you need something specific, you can request it on the forum, and there is a good chance it will get made for you. What more could you ask for?

There is one possible con: If you are running a Macc, AlamDV2 is not yet available for OS X. The latest rumor is that we will see it sometime the first half of next year.
Posted: Sat, 23rd Nov 2002, 1:20pm

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Joshua Davies

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AlamDV2 should be ported to MacOSX early in the new year - we are really sorry for the delay but it has been out of our hands sad . As a MacOSX user myself I know how annoying this is. It will probably be version 2.5 (a free upgrade from version 2) that gets ported to MacOSX - I'm not sure how well MacOS9 will be supported after this point because its lack of protected memory has always caused us problems.

AlamDV2 version 2.5 will be taking on many new functions and a revised faster interface and rendering engine. Basically 2.5 is a huge upgrade almost worthy of a version 3 release but as the interface is still based in Director we wanted to keep it in the version 2 family. The whole team are working on different elements of the program and it will include some highly optimised C++ code generated by Timbuk2, Malone and myself. Simon will provide some tutorial updates to get you all up to speed with minimal hassle.

We are updating AlamDV2 to keep it the flagship application of our new range. It should also have extra capabilites with our new program Chromanator. Also, its good to remember, if you are an AlamDV2 owner you'll get a good discount on Chromantor and probably any other consumer products we release in the next year.
Posted: Sat, 23rd Nov 2002, 1:58pm

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i think i am convinced, thanks you guys.