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I need some star wars stuff!

Posted: Mon, 25th Nov 2002, 8:52pm

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I've used this Demo long enough. I can't order the program cause i don't own a visa or anything. My folks won't buy it through their card. So I tried downloading plugins... that failed. I have downloaded some meshes but have no idea how they work. So can somone please give me a hand on my latest star wars movie? Much appreciated! biggrin
Posted: Mon, 25th Nov 2002, 9:04pm

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Well you got no $ you got no AlamDv2 cry
There are some free programs but i dont know what they are.
Posted: Tue, 26th Nov 2002, 6:37am

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I'm afraid the only way is to convince your folks to purchase AlamDV2 for you, dude. Christmas is coming up, so I'd say this is as good a time as any! biggrin
Posted: Tue, 26th Nov 2002, 9:58am

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John Harrower

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I had alamdv1 for ages (which i got free) and had to persevere with it when everyone else had the far better alamdv2. Sometimes I just cried myself to sleep cry
Posted: Tue, 26th Nov 2002, 4:02pm

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well I have the same problem as folks don't want me to buy it either. what I am hopeing is that one day I will make enough plug-ins that I can make a alamdv movie(using the programs I used to make the plug-ins) and enter it into one of those contests that have a free signed copy of alamdv 2 as the prize.