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Metroid Prime Samus Visor (was: seriously)

Posted: Wed, 27th Nov 2002, 3:07am

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seriously, cam someone PLEASE confused make a metroid prime samus visor plugin??? i really that for an upcoming movie of mine, but none of the current plug-ins cut it. im looking for the outline in some of the screenshots, with it being clear in the middle (bar energy, missile count, and radar). i am on my knees here; please, i need that plugin

Posted: Wed, 27th Nov 2002, 5:38am

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I have no idea what a metroid prime samus visor might be. Therefore I cannot make one. Sorry.
Posted: Wed, 27th Nov 2002, 1:18pm

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I am going to try to make one now. I know what it is from my friend at school. And, Metroid Prime is a videogame for Gamecube.
Posted: Wed, 27th Nov 2002, 4:43pm

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Can you put a pic on here I think I have seen it before. AND i CAN do it
Posted: Wed, 27th Nov 2002, 5:11pm

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Are you a metroid fan? biggrin biggrin biggrin[/img]