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The time has to be now to split test/film

Posted: Wed, 27th Nov 2002, 4:37pm

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Hi ( i hate writing this, and wish someone else would )
I know there is a lot of talk about vote rigging, and I think we should ask ALAMDV to split the vote into test and films

there are other ways but if we try this first, this has been going on for ages.

the reason why i think it should be done now is because:

Flyover Animation Test is in the top ten ( not saying it's bad ) but i am currently rendering a scene just like that which took 10mins to make i will upload it when finished, the reason i have done this, is not to knock the maker of Flyover Animation Test down, but to show that 10mins at a computer can create that.

And that's where the problem is, people don't know it's easy to create and thus give it high scores, there are films that have months of planning and actors and scripts that i think should be more worthy in the top ten.

if you agree with me that something needs to be done A.S.A.P then i guess we all have to " Bug / ask " the ALAMDV crew.

otherwise this i'm sure will continue.
Posted: Wed, 27th Nov 2002, 5:47pm

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i totally agree with b4,
and if u wanna bug the csb team, just log on to chat and keep on keep on asking em lol (this method should work)
Posted: Wed, 27th Nov 2002, 8:04pm

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I totally disagree. Whether it took 2 minutes or days and months, people should vote on how they feel about the finished product. Personally I think the Cinema voting should just be dropped all together since it seems to cause so many people problems, and some take it much too seriously.

In a day or so, my little effort will drop back down to the bottom somewhere, and I really don't care where it is ranked. I just put it here as I thought some people would enjoy it. If some don't like it, that's cool too.

I voted on some films, but I've stopped because people just can't handle it if they get passed in the rankings. And as far as never voting a 5 for a trailer....most of these trailers will never be seem as full films on this site, so again, if you feel the need to vote don't vote it down because it is not a full film, vote on what you see. "The Medic" is one of my favorites in the Cinema here...even though I voted a "4" because I thought they should have used different music.

And as far as how easy or the amount if time I spent on my "flyover" thing..about 4 hours to get the terrain, lighting, atmosphere the way I wanted it, another hour to test different camera paths, and then it took it 30+ hours to render each frame in 720x480 (not all of it is in the online version). If you can do it in 10 minutes, that's great, but don't presume it took me that long to create.

Everyone just needs to chill out, and have a good time checking out the stuff here.

Posted: Wed, 27th Nov 2002, 9:04pm

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sorry didn't mean to upset you, i gave your test a 4,
But while the vote thing is on here, tell me honestly if you spent weeks making a film like Rebel Alliance and was taking out of the top ten by vote rigging and by a computer cg test, you would feel a bit p...d off ( anyone that says they wouldn't be p..d off is not telling the truth )

So what i'm saying is that while the vote system is there it should be split into two sections.

As for your cg test, ( i know it takes ages rendering mine is still going ) but what i'm trying to say is on bryce there is a motion path already preset, so within 10 mins you could create somethng close to yours, spend an hour and you would have a scene just like yours.

once again this is not knocking your work, i liked it, but you have to be fair to the people that go out and film.

(edit) i've just showed my wife these comments and she thinks i'm a bit possesive.
Posted: Wed, 27th Nov 2002, 10:16pm

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Welcome to the world of different opinions... smile

The main"problem" is, that noone says what these votes exactly stand for... Do I vote on the technique? Do I vote on effects only? Do I vote on camerawork? Do I vote on acting? Do I vote on simply how I enjoyed the film? on effort? Do I vote on all these points alike?

The simple answer is: Everyone as an individual knows the answer. But as a group, we don't...
Some are voting on this, some are voting on that. And besides, tastes are completely different. What one thinks is ingenious, another simply dislikes.

What you suggest is mainly a good idea, but it will not be a solution to "vote rigging" or to the thing you explain about one giving low votes for something that was very difficult to do and high votes for something that is made in 10 minutes... It depends on what are you voting for and... what your tastes are...

So the "problem" you have is not something you can easily solve... or solve at all...
Posted: Thu, 28th Nov 2002, 10:26am

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Isn't it all about balance?

I think we should be very careful. What we do is an effort of creation. It takes guts to display our work. We each put something of ourselves into the work we produce and then we reveal it to the world to be appreciated - or not. In a way if people like my work they are indirectly saying they like part of me - the person - Andy Webb. And the reverse is also true.

On the other hand, we are all doing this 'cos we want to and we have to accept the consequences that come from this. Ie, lets not be too touchy.

This matter of balance comes through again on the cinema. The Alamdv chaps might decide to remove it completely if we keep bickering about it. Split the thing into two and you go some way to 'polarising' the viewpoints made by Solthar. But you'd still find some people unhappy about their 5 second effects clip being judged alongside someone's 30 second trailer.

So, split into three? Tests, Trailers and Films?

And what about different kinds of scores? Again Solthar keenly points out: Technique, effects, camerawork, acting...

Hmmm. All geting very complex this. And thats a problem in itself 'cos the more plex it gets the less likely we are going be to use it!

Seems to me there are two ways to go. Up or down.

Up: Make it more complex. Add 1 or 2 more categories and include some way of grading each element of the production.

Down: Remove the scoring "almost" completely and just let us make a few comments after watching the thing. The chart is then controlled by how many comments the work receives from its authors peers. If lots of Good things are said then this will in turn generate a high chart position.

I think you can see which option I favour. But most of all lets not get carried away and ruin it for each other - and ourselves!