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Hey, I'm new, and i hav a request...

Posted: Fri, 29th Nov 2002, 10:34pm

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i'm not good at makin my own yet cry

i'd greatly appreciate it if someone could make a Staypuft plugin from Ghostbusters. i need an animated staypuft for my next film, all that needs to be animated is him working, i'd really be glad if someone would create this... lol
Posted: Fri, 29th Nov 2002, 10:37pm

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I would make that if I had only seen Ghostbusters and if I knew what that was! biggrin But do I know what it is? No. confused So, I guess you will have to ask someone else. I'm sure someone would be glad to make one. But welcome aboard to the S.S. Alam!
Posted: Sat, 30th Nov 2002, 12:25am

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You hasn't seen Gostbusters?

It definitly a classic
Posted: Sat, 30th Nov 2002, 6:45am

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DarkJedi07-- StayPuft is a giant marshmallow man (from staypuft marshmallows), who actually looks an awful lot like the Pillsbury Doughboy on the cake box in your signature.
Posted: Sat, 30th Nov 2002, 8:25pm

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Well, maybe i'll give it a shot, i'll try an make it... confused
Posted: Sun, 1st Dec 2002, 2:47am

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I thought it was just stay puff . . not puft . . .


i think he looks mroe like that michelin man . . . . . . . the tire dude