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Request for a flipping cigarette

Posted: Mon, 2nd Dec 2002, 9:10pm

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Hey everyone, I need a loop of a half smoked cigarette flipping through the air. If anyone has the time (or patience for that matter) to make it I'd greatly appreciate it. D.C.
Posted: Mon, 2nd Dec 2002, 9:12pm

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I would borrow a carton of my Grandpa's smokes smile Or goto a local jail and pay the hard way for them.
Posted: Mon, 2nd Dec 2002, 10:12pm

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Cigarettes kill faster! Don't smoke!

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Posted: Tue, 3rd Dec 2002, 11:50am

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Not to be rude or anything but life kills as well; 100 per cent of non-smokers die.

Just ignore me, I'm a Bill Hicks fanboy.