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Aston Martin V12 Vanquish-tree?

Posted: Tue, 3rd Dec 2002, 5:37am

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This is no ordinary plugin request.

What is being requested is a silver AM V12 Vanquish folding from the center with the front and back ends colliding and gradually changing into a pine tree.

Sounds Weird Doesn't It?
My friend and I saw Die Another Day and wanted to make a lego film using miniature cars to create a similar if not cooler car chase(if that is possible). We were wondering what we should do to spoof the invisible car gadget and came up with a tree.

What Do You Want?
What I want is a silver AM V12 Vanquish to start folding from the middle out -- 1 -- \ 1 / (hope the visual aid helps)(and, by the way, the 1 is the middle of the car and the lines are the front and back). And then morphing into a pine tree.

However bizarre this may sound, I feel that the results will be very rewarding if the plugin is good.
If any additional info is needed, do not hesitate to post.

P.S.--if a still shot of a pine tree and of the vanquish could be included, that would be swell!
Posted: Tue, 3rd Dec 2002, 5:37pm

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Two Gunned Saint

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I don't know alot but that sounds like it could be a bit much even for people like b4uask. Incidentally I just got in from the cinema and I've just seen Die Another Day for the third time. That film is so cool it's unreal.
Posted: Tue, 3rd Dec 2002, 6:26pm

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thanks Two_Gunned saint, your right,

I had a look at this post and thought hard about it, it sounds like he wants one of those transformer machines.

I think the car could be morphed into a tree, but bending inwards is a bit tricky and very time consuming.

What might be worth a try is to download a free morphing software, get a picture of the car, and a picture of a tree, make up about 2 or 3 secounds ( or longer depending how long you want it to take ) ( perfer a blue background )
then let anyone here know and they will turn it into a plugin.
( this way you wouldn't have the bending though )
Posted: Tue, 3rd Dec 2002, 10:45pm

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Well, I cannot really do it on my own, otherwise I would not have requested this. And what might work just as well is having the car just dissapear, like in DAD. It will take away from the spoof aspect of this plugin but it will most definitely do...
thank you