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Posted: Tue, 3rd Dec 2002, 5:01pm

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How does ALAM work with mpegs? I use Vegas Video to edit on, are they compatible?

I have the demo of alam, i want the real thing, but only if it can help me
Posted: Tue, 3rd Dec 2002, 7:50pm

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It CAN help you, trust me!! I think it can, but if not, export as something else, .avi, .mov if you can. I was leary about buying it too, but I love this program, I use it all the time!

Posted: Wed, 4th Dec 2002, 8:50am

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its got the opening mpg's in alamdv tutorial and some other cool stuff + one of my 3dsmax tute's
Posted: Wed, 4th Dec 2002, 6:00pm

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I was the guest guy...i wasnt logged

I checked out that site and the alam tutorial is gone
Posted: Thu, 5th Dec 2002, 1:33pm

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Rob Alexander

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ALAMDV definitely works with Vegas Video, but you may need some work-arounds when exporting to ALAM and getting the output back into Vegas.

Private message me if you want the details, last time I explained this on the board my post was deleted.