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Metroid Plugin

Posted: Wed, 4th Dec 2002, 1:47am

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I am requesting another metroid-related plugin: an actual Metroid. For the 3 of you that dont know, metroids are these green jellyfish-like creatures that suck the life force out of you by latching onto you (in the videogame, of course). I hate to be a bother with all these requests, but the fact of the matter is: I cant make plugins, nor canI use photoshop, so I am pretty much dependant on you guys (plugin makers). PLease do me this favor.


Posted: Wed, 4th Dec 2002, 2:57am

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That would be awesome. I'm yet to see the Metriod in the new Metriod Prime. Has anyone gotten far enough to see it? For how the graphics have been for the rest of the game I'm sure the Metriod from that would be a great graphic to base a plugin off of.
Posted: Wed, 4th Dec 2002, 8:58am

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can u post a pic cuz i'v never seen how they look redface
Posted: Wed, 4th Dec 2002, 12:58pm

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Billy. Stop your blushing. Sheck out and in the Gamecube or GC section to see pics of Metroid prime. It may have some of thoes things there.
Posted: Wed, 4th Dec 2002, 2:39pm

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Posted: Fri, 6th Dec 2002, 8:53pm

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This is a metroid...
Posted: Fri, 6th Dec 2002, 8:57pm

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Copy and paste the URL tO UR ADRESS BAR AND PRESS GO TO VIEW THE PICTURE biggrin OOpss capital redface