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Force meter/bar

Posted: Sat, 7th Dec 2002, 9:03pm

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Well, not that im ever going to get past blue lightsaber
but as i saw in b4uask30male's post in general talk, i would be interested in seeing other objects or ships or colors for lightsabers after the red saber.

so please answer this question: Are Red sabers the last color or does schwar just like it? biggrin

if it is the last color please think of adding different objects or stuff, itll be cool! wink
Posted: Sat, 7th Dec 2002, 9:20pm

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As of right now, red is the last saber color. We had discussed having more colors/handles in the past, but we didn't get very far before deciding that the system was fine how it was. Perhaps they'll drag the horse and stick out again and try and come up with new ideas.