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Where do you get the resources for your plug-ins?

Posted: Sun, 8th Dec 2002, 2:20am

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Since I don't have to $ to get AlamDV right now, I figured I'd go ahead and make my own plug-ins until I'm able to buy AlamDV and d/l the plug-ins from the site.tard

Anywho, I've realized that I suck at making the effects from scratch, so I was wondering where some of you plug-in makers get your animations that you make into plug-ins (for those of you who don't make your plug-ins from scratch) ?

I'm really trying to make some lightsaber and blood effects. Any help given is much appreciated. biggrin
Posted: Sun, 8th Dec 2002, 2:56am

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Welcome to the club, dude! For lightsabers, I wouldnt go there first, and anyway we already have more than enough on the site. I have submitted 9 plug-ins to the site, and I am still waiting for Malone to add the last one tomorrow. The plug-ins I did not create from scratch are my Coruscant Background one, which I got from or something.. I dont really know. I got my....... Hmmm. Oh yes, my Samus Target Overlay from either or Most of the other ones I made were from scratch.. My water drop was made in PSP by me, my Bullet Holes and hits were all made from a book I poked many holes in, my spotlight which I am waiting for Malone to put on the site was made with........ Well I first would like you to see it, before I tell you how I made it. And my really old blood plug-in was made in the Microsoft Paint program.. So, I think you should just look through the plug-ins on the site, see what ones are there, get ideas for plug-ins from there, and make them! Just go to google or and search for images of that stuff. I like dogpile just as much as google. They both are great for finding images! And then answer my question, does anyone know a program that can turn .WMV files into avi files? Thanks and bye! And I hope your future plug-ins turn out great!

P.S. For the lightsabers, we dont need that many more for many reasons. But for one, I made a pic of many different lightsaber colors that could be included in the force system on the forums, and this is what it look like:

So I dont think we need that many more lightsabers.
Posted: Sun, 8th Dec 2002, 4:45am

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Thanks for the advice! Sorry, I don't know of any such proggy to convert those files. neutral

And I realize that there are plenty of lightsabers, but since I can't d/l them from the site, I need to make my own. unsure

Again, thanks.
Posted: Sun, 8th Dec 2002, 6:54am

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I have created several of the lightsword plug-ins that are available, and they are all from scratch. The trick is, use a solid-color BG in your image, and create the shape of the blade and the soft edges in the alpha channel.

I try to create all of my plug-ins from scratch, that way no one has to worry about copyright. I think it is funner that way, too. And more rewarding when you finish and it comes out good.