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No undo command????

Posted: Wed, 11th Dec 2002, 5:30pm

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I can't believe there isn't an "undo" option in alamdv. I placed about 500 keyframes one nite (saber effect), then pressed delete thinking that would delete that one keyframe. Well, u all know thats not what happened, but suffice it to say, I wuz screwed. Without an undo command, all I could do wuz close down NOT saving my changes so that I would at least still have the previous work intact. Is there another way in case this happens again?

And its too annoying trying to save my work as I go along, because that takes about 2 minutes to do everytime. After hitting apply, I wait, and wait, and wait for it to return to timeline. Save project, then go back to the animation and wait and wait and wait for that to load back up. 1.3 ghz system with 256 mb ram and a 7200 rpm ATA/133 hard drive, so its not my system! And I only have 3 plugins installed, besides the ones that install with the program.

I'm not complaining (too much), as I like the program, and achieved beautiful results with my test saber video, which you guys can check out if you like at (in the "our wars" section). Its a little rough around the edges, but now I know what to do next time. As I said, this video was just to learn the proggy and get the hang of it.

These are just some little things (that mean alot) that bother me. Wondering if there is something I can do to fix it or not??
Posted: Wed, 11th Dec 2002, 5:41pm

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Joshua Davies

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It should only a second or less to return to the timeline and saving should be almost instant.

We are looking into undo features in 2.5 but please make sure you are working shot by not. If its taking this long it sounds like you are importing minutes of footage not seconds..
Posted: Wed, 11th Dec 2002, 5:45pm

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Well, the video is 46 seconds long. Is this too long? Also, if it means anything, its a quicktime video. And yes, it takes quite a while to apply the changes and return to timeline, and then back to animation. Probably on a scale of 1-1/2 to 2 minutes to apply, save, and go back to animate.
Posted: Thu, 12th Dec 2002, 6:17am

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yeah we could do with an undo command
Posted: Thu, 12th Dec 2002, 11:51am

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You should just learn to be perfect, like me. wink
Posted: Fri, 3rd Jan 2003, 3:02pm

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Hmmm...well my computer is a little slower than that, and everything works great for me! It might take all of about 3 seconds after pushing apply for me. Saving only takes a second or two, and thats with like upwards of 20 layers of effects in spots.

Posted: Tue, 28th Jan 2003, 2:07pm

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OK I was working on my first test of a simple saber sequence, and was about 3/4 the way done and thrilled, when I did something wrong with placing my quad and though, no big deal, PRESS THE DELETE button.

LOST EVERYTHING up to that point. eek

I then thought, no big deal, I'll just UNDO the delete. biggrin

HORROR. Pure Horror. crazy

Please make it possible to DELETE ONE object at a time per frame OR at least provide us with an UNDO/ REDO feature!!!!
Posted: Tue, 1st Jul 2003, 2:46pm

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Why on GODS EARTH aren't there any Undo redo command? smile You GOT to have UNDO and REDO... Its the most essential part of the program... (almost) smile