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You the Jury, are these real

Are these accounts real

yes50%[ 3 ]
don't care, i've not got a film in the topten yet50%[ 3 ]

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Posted: Tue, 17th Dec 2002, 7:45am

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Ok, this might be just me being stupid, but i though i would run it by you guys to see.

these guys below joined 1 week ago ( just after Adrenaline was put on here )
they have either voted on all the films in the top ten or just on adrenaline
they have given 5 to Adrenaline and visions of the darkside ( both made by the same person )
and every other film got 4 or less. and they have not made any posts, they just voted.

Shon Cobbs
Jason News
Gary r shank

since my time on here i've never seen some many people join on 1 day and vote that way.
I'll let you the jury decide.

forgive me if one of these names is yours and your a real person that has no connection with the above.

p.p.s the great domdino has put a link from my stargate site to alamdv. lol
Posted: Tue, 17th Dec 2002, 8:30am

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I think these accounts were probably created by real people (friends of Paulpeach, perhaps?) and were just showing support for their friend. I have absolutely no problems with them voting, as long as they vote honestly and with integrity (and this applies to all films) smile I really hope that there haven't been deliberate attempts to vote down other films.
Posted: Tue, 17th Dec 2002, 8:47am

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Shon Cobbs is real biggrin
Posted: Tue, 17th Dec 2002, 2:05pm

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You forgot wentpostal. It just goes to show why Goldmembers only should vote.

I just want to add that I have no problem if someone who was even involved in the film creates an account and votes. I don't do that and have asked the people in my films not to do that. If I did I think I could get 2 high schools and 3 colleges full of people voting cool I DO have a problem when people create bogus accounts and vote down another movie. You don't have to be a detective to see how many accounts are doing it. There are other people that acctually create bogus accounts and then make bad comments about other films. I went to another film site and saw some of the same accounts that are on here. tard One guy said he was a telent agent on the other site. eek

It would be great if people would just be honest. Take Rebel Alliance. There are parts of the movie which are unbelievable. The are parts that can be improved. The whole thing is 47 minutes long. I did it with people that have not acted, with a home camera, a tripod and improvised lines and fighting. It still took months to film. Months to edit. I think it got unfairly trashed. There is no way you can look at some of the votes and say that the people used the same scale to vote. Look at what people voted for and compare. People have a right to vote how they want but cheating is just wrong.

Until the voting goes gold member only I am only going to put in clips. I would be a wuss if I said I'm not going to make movies and let some cheats stop me but it sure bummed me out. That is why I haven't been too active on the boards. I go to the cinema section and get all ticked off.

Anyway, to ALL THE PEOPLE that cheat..... You will never know if your clip or talent is good enough. You can never really appreciate what you have because you have cheated. That must stink.

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Posted: Tue, 17th Dec 2002, 2:08pm

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Wow......I've never been part of a vote to figure out if I'm real or not wink

B4- Not only did I join more than a week ago ( a few months ago is more like it) but I think you even voted and posted on my first movie "The Wizard" back in October. -Shon
Posted: Tue, 17th Dec 2002, 2:49pm

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Sorry to you.. ( i see your a goldmember ) sorry,
I was going down the suspected list last night, so far i ha 3 people from that list vote every night on my film, i said to my wife, i bet in the morning someone from this list will give my film 4 or less.
and they did, and i guess that's why i wrote this, very sorry have a +1 for being understanding.

( it's just that i've 3 pm's still i nmy out box from 3 months ago... and they have never been back here since they voted )
Posted: Tue, 17th Dec 2002, 3:33pm

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Don't worry about it. I understand the logic behind this thread and I can see why my name might have been included. I haven't really posted much here and only recently have taken the time to watch all the movies and vote on them.

ADRENELIN was the first movie I voted on and I gave it a five because I was so blown away by the stunts and the pace. A couple days ago I was thinking about it and came to the realization that I should have maybe only voted a four, possibly a three. It was a very well made demo reel but this is a special effects site and not a stunt site. There was not much ALAMDV use in that film and what was used wasn't all that effective. From now on I'm going to vote on the film as a whole but with most weight going to the quality and creativity of the effects used.

With that being said. I do think that the voting should be changed to be more uniform.

1. Gold users only can vote

2. Vote on multiple categories of each film
3. Final rating would be based on an average of each catergory with effects being doubled

So Adreneline would look like this:

Effects: 2
Effects: 2
Sound: 5
Plot: 1
Editing: 5
Acting: 4

Final rating = all catergories added up (19) divided by # of categories (6) .

19/6= 3 Final vote is 3 stars

Now here's what your latest (Stargate Earthbound) would look like:

Effects: 5
Effects: 5
Sound: 4
Plot: 4
Editing: 4
Acting: 3

25/6= 4

Final vote is 4 stars

I think the first step would be to only allow Gold Users to vote. This would stop exactly what you are curious about in your original post.

My two cents: -Shon
Posted: Tue, 17th Dec 2002, 4:07pm

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Not only does Shon Cobbs exist but he is brilliant! lol A +2 for you!

A think that would be a fine system. I wouldn't double the effects but I can see an agrument for doing so.
Posted: Tue, 17th Dec 2002, 6:08pm

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Yep!....."shon" can join our club anytime....well said.

Ol Dav

BTW "X"...."b4" is kindly downloading your Epic for me and sending it on disc cos my 56K would outlive me......looking forward to seeing it.
Posted: Tue, 17th Dec 2002, 11:41pm

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i think you're just paranoid.

adrenaline is a really good movie. i gave it five.

did i give any other movies 5s? no. because they didn't deserve it.

im not cheating

if someone votes for a movie, it's there own opinion. unless you want malone to implement a voting system where you can only give good ratings. but then voting would be worthless.

meh just a thought
Posted: Tue, 17th Dec 2002, 11:44pm

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and yes it'd be good for gold users only to vote.

that'd be tight.

b4 . . . dont take the other post too personally. i went crazy too once tard

but then i saw the light. and it was bright. SEE THE LIGHT!

besides, what can these people on this site do? i dont take votes personally anymore. i could just hit a little button and POOF all of you dissapear. if you make a good movie, you know it, and that's all you need to know.
Posted: Wed, 18th Dec 2002, 1:41am

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You should all listen to Mecha here.

I think it'd be cool if we could rate movies based on rank.

for example, we give a rank of one through ten of what we think the top ten films should be. The giant computers in england then go through the lists, and put the movies in the order of which the majority of people think they deserve.

We would also be able to change our rankings as new movies appear.

the stars stuff could be used for the rest, or sumtin'. I'll leave that up to you guys to figure out what to do with films that aren't in the top 10.

I think the rank thing would solve EVERY problem, ever. Period.
Posted: Sat, 21st Dec 2002, 1:09pm

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i believe this thread was not opened to change the voting system, i believe it was opened to check if these people were real, and if it wasnt just that guy making 10 different account.

As i loved the posts that were made, the idea's were great, but very much off the topic.

I personally think that this should be looked into and if this guy really opened more accounts his movies should either lose all its points or you should leave the guy with a very big warning as to not do this again because it ruins all fairness in the ranking system.

Although i do see this guy's intregrity razz

Great posts shon and mecca, i also think only gold users should be able to vote though (not download, vote.)
Posted: Tue, 28th Jan 2003, 2:55pm

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I assume you mean that only people who have BOUGHT the program should be aloud to vote?

Sounds like the "GOOD OL' BOYS" Club to me. This is not only NOT fair, it's dicrimating to those of us who are:

1. NEW to Alam and still trying it out.
2. CANT AFFORD the program (yet)
3. Keeps opinions of the GENERAL population out.
4. Trying other applications as well, resolving compatibilty issues etc...
5. Refuse to buy over the web (wait for retail) or prefer to wait for NEWER version.

I guess # 3 is OK, IF you don't mind a narrow sample of replies. Someone else could make a judgement based on the creativity of work they have seen or done on other programs and rate it accordingly.

Will people cheat and try to artificially inflate or deflate a bet. Thats part of a poll, if you don't like it then just don't pay it attention.

The next thing you know, only people who contribte to a political campain fund will be aloud to vote......... lol