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The Touch Of Evil (teaser clip)

Posted: Tue, 17th Dec 2002, 9:05am

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An outtake from a movie my friend and I made. The guy with the long hair has had his girlfriend killed, in a horrible and brutal way, by the guy in the mask, etc. etc.

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Posted: Tue, 17th Dec 2002, 9:13am

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welcome to alamdv.
If you don't mind i'll comment.
the use of the blue clash, didn't quite work for me, i know it was proberlythe only one on the demo version, os i'll forget about that.
( buy alamdv now wink )
other than that, well done

nice fast past, good angles, nice sounds.

well done,
Posted: Tue, 17th Dec 2002, 9:20am

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hi everyone

not bad at all. good camera angles, and good sounds too. Good choregraphy too. Good fighters too. ok that's all.
As b4uask said, the blue clash isn't very appropriate.
I love the blood !

Put a 3 stars, coz it's too short. When i'll see the entire movie, i'll vote better (if all the movie is the same level !)

Posted: Tue, 17th Dec 2002, 10:13am

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Hey, this was pretty neat! Liked it a lot biggrin The lightsabers were very well-done, although I'll agree with B4 that the blue clashes looked kinda weird. The choreography was cool too... the blood at the end seemed a bit thick, though: what did you guys use? Karo syrup?
Posted: Tue, 17th Dec 2002, 1:40pm

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that was pretty good. i say like the other ones have said, and the blood was kinda thick and to much of it i think! smile
Posted: Tue, 17th Dec 2002, 6:32pm

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I realy like this film, especaly the Mickal Myers guy.

I gave it 5 because of the catogory its in. Basicly its not trying to be anithing more than a short fight, so as a short fight sequennce I think its eccelent.

Apart from the fact that I am against the use of lighsabers (there sooooo over used in alamdv) I think that u puled it of very well.

Compered to other lightaber fights that I have seen I think this is the best so far. The matrix stile costumes work well in the back drop, it wud look stupid for to "jedi" to be fighting in that loacation. I think the blood efect also looks good. Some people hav sead that it is to thick, but I prefer the thicker look than a splater.

I wud like to see the whole film, do u hav a site with it on?
Posted: Tue, 17th Dec 2002, 6:58pm

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That was pretty nice. Strangely your bad guy looked like a character I created called 'Skullface' Wonder if he's any relation.
Nice choreography. Yeah, the blue clashes seemed odd, next time go with the white flash. Hopefuly the full film will be as good, if not better, than this.
Posted: Tue, 17th Dec 2002, 8:55pm

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I enjoyed what i saw a lot! Now i'm going to be the original one and say that the blue clash was a great touch and was a lot better than the other one, in my opinion. I couldn't see the rest yet because for some odd reason it stops downloading at one point. I'll comment on the rest of it later!
Posted: Tue, 17th Dec 2002, 11:34pm

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Very good. As many others have said and I will say I dont really like the blue flash. In episode II it was only used for when aniken hit the Tusken Raiders bodies. That and the clashes were alittle small at times. Other than that I thought it was very well put together, I give it a 4.
Posted: Wed, 18th Dec 2002, 4:35am

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as a teaser clip, it worker superbly, I definitely want to see some more now!!

I agree with palmstreetltd in that I like the blue flashes. I just would have like to see them a bit bigger.

Great fight action, great effects, loved the blood.

just a little fun fact for everyone. In Halloween, michael myers wears a Capt. James T Kirk costume mask painted white. on a side note, that looked like a plain white theatrical mask used in the touch of evil trailer
Posted: Wed, 18th Dec 2002, 8:55pm

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Hey, thanks for the comments guys. The blue flashes were more of a random choice than you might think, so it's interesting to see so much debate about them! The blood was actually ketchup btw! Anything thinner and it was really difficult to see. The whole film (10mins) actually has 20mins of outtakes to go with it, and one of them has my friend trying to hold a mouthful of the stuff without laughing and spraying it everywhere!
Unfortunately I don't have enough webspace to put up the whole fight scene, let alone the whole film. When or if I do, I promise to post it. See ya! biggrin
Posted: Thu, 19th Dec 2002, 1:30am

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I really enjoyed the clip. I think the editing was very good. Did you film this with multiple cameras, or did you do this setting up differant takes with one camera?
Posted: Sun, 31st Aug 2003, 4:33pm

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WOAH that ruled, that has to be the best lightsaber dual i have seen!!! well coreographed, and good camera work to show off all the different moves...

Was that ketchup u used at the end for the blood? 'cos it looked like it! smile

4 stars, very good lil short...

Posted: Tue, 23rd Dec 2003, 6:02pm

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Not as good as Art of the Saber. It was cool though. I gave it a three.
Posted: Tue, 23rd Dec 2003, 6:32pm

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That was awesome, you definitely got the "awesome quality" biggrin
4 From me (now show us the full film)
Posted: Mon, 27th Sep 2004, 11:37am

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That's a good one I gave it 2.