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Did I miss the thread?

Posted: Sun, 29th Dec 2002, 6:27pm

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Mark P Warman

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DId I miss the thread with the screen shots? Cuz its been well over a week.

Next week we will be lifting the secrecy surrounding our forthcoming program Chromanator by uploading some pictures of its ultra-slick new interface. Forming the basis of AlamDV2.5 and DigiGrade, this impressive new interface is 100% new code and will not only extend AlamDV2.5's functionality but will also give a massive speed increase to all timeline tasks.
If I did miss the thread could I get a URL?
Posted: Sun, 29th Dec 2002, 11:53pm

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Nope you have not missed the thread. The pictures are not out yet, even though it is pushing two weeks since that announcement. I'm eagerly awaiting them too, as I'm sure a lot of us are.

I guess this is a busy time of year for everyone, including the csb-digital team. We shouls see something soon. smile
Posted: Mon, 30th Dec 2002, 12:04am

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They are still on a winter break. Schwar told me Malone was, and I am guessing tim and tarn still are too.
Posted: Mon, 30th Dec 2002, 11:52am

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It's ok for some I guess, I went back to work on the 28th cry .

Guess I am in the wrong job!