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does TGA files work with plugger

Posted: Tue, 7th Jan 2003, 6:31pm

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does anyone know if a TGA file ( with alpha ) can be used in the plugger

or is it only TIF, files ?

if it is only tif files, does anyone know of a FREE batch image converter

(i found loads on the net, but they all charge ?)

Posted: Thu, 9th Jan 2003, 11:36am

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even if it was supported u wont be able to upload here cuz TGA's are huge in file size, to convert why not just use Aftereffects?? Almost all of us do that biggrin
Posted: Thu, 9th Jan 2003, 12:12pm

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Advanced Batch Converter looks quite good if you want to do batch converting.... there is a trial download on they're webpage. Although I'm not sure if it is free. All of them seem to be shareware, I couldn't find any freeware solutions for what you want.
Posted: Thu, 9th Jan 2003, 12:32pm

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