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Matrix Bullets

Posted: Mon, 20th Jan 2003, 3:12am

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Could anyone make a simple matrix bullet with the blurry look with trail, etc.? All it would need to do is travel left to right or right to left. (both directions, if possible) I have looked all over and have not found it in any downloading section. Sorry if it already exists, but if not, it would be great if someone could make it.
Posted: Mon, 20th Jan 2003, 3:23am

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There are bullets
Posted: Mon, 20th Jan 2003, 7:45am

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did you know that you only need it going one way.

to get it to go the other way click on a side of the quad ( sqaure around th plugin ) then drag it to the other side ( passing the other line )

now it it the other way.

i don't think you will find someone that will make a bullet with a trail

have a look in the plugins and download the bullet then look in the smoke section and download the smoke trail tha suits you