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New Sci-Fi 3D

Posted: Thu, 23rd Jan 2003, 12:32am

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Sci-Fi 3d has a new website design and new models including a new textured yoda model. I'm just wondering if anyone was going to jump on this and make some new yoda plugins to replace the old un textured yoda plugins.
Posted: Thu, 23rd Jan 2003, 4:30am

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Whats the site address?

Posted: Thu, 23rd Jan 2003, 4:36am

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that's an awesome site, that's where I got my star wars 3ds max models for that star wars fan film I made a while back. . .
Posted: Sun, 26th Jan 2003, 9:24pm

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Hey - go check the plugins .... this is the mesh I have already used for the Yoda animations. KermZ
Posted: Sat, 8th Feb 2003, 9:14pm

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Great Yoda, and a great site. Thanks for the info