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3D Ninja

Posted: Tue, 28th Jan 2003, 6:17am

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Garrett Lofgren

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I'm starting to work on my second comedy, and I need a render of a ninja. I have already gotten roughly 30 people who will actually dress up and move around but i want to have a huge army. It wouldn't have to be extremely detailed, since the shot would be from a distance. I'd be happy with just a shot of a standing ninja, but if anyone would be able to pull off one just doing random movements or something I'd appreciate it.
Posted: Tue, 28th Jan 2003, 1:22pm

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Why 3d, when u just shoot ur actors, with there dress on and paint out the bg, if it radom movements, it only a few frames.
Posted: Tue, 28th Jan 2003, 2:51pm

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Yeah, do like Billy sais!

Here's a nice tute by marco aka. sollthar (as always)
Posted: Sat, 1st Feb 2003, 5:54pm

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Garrett Lofgren

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That is basically what i wanted to do originally. I'm still trying to learn the programs, and yesterday i figured out how to color key a still shot, so i could just have a huge army of ninjas standing around if push comes to shove, but i was wondering if you guys could tell me if i could color key an entire clip if i dont have an actual green screen set up. The more basic the explaination the better, im just some punk kid who wants to learn. I've got photoshop 6, premier 6, and after affects 5.5. Thanks in advance for any help.
Posted: Fri, 7th Feb 2003, 11:19pm

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you could colour key it out a frame at a time. It would take awhile and the effect might leave something to be desired.(if you wanted movment)

If you want to, you can buy some green or blue fabric from wallmart. then get some flood lights to light it up.

If you just want just ninja stills then just colour key out the still of the ninja standing there and place it around your scene. It should look good.(you could even make the still into a plugin for yourself)
Posted: Thu, 13th Feb 2003, 10:39am

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Or a plugin for others (Think of the fame! the immortality! lol )

Sorry guys, not gonna let this real over 3D argument drop cool