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Superuser update

Posted: Tue, 28th Jan 2003, 11:24am

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Simon K Jones

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Hi all

Just a quick update for y'all.

Everything is pretty crazy here at the moment - crazy in a good way! The work really is coming thick and fast, but the guys are cutting through it easily enough. The end result of all the hardwork going on this end should be some really cool programs.

Sales are gonna start increasing with the new programs, which means we'll also be getting a whole host of new users joining up. So it's particularly important that we all set a good example as to how to behave around here. Not in a heavy-handed way, though.

With so many new random people joining up, we run the risk of having the community swamped and losing the nice cosy, friendly atmosphere we currently all enjoy.

However, with all our efforts I'm sure we can keep things as great as they are now, and the new users will just fit right in. So, yes, keep your eyes and ears open. smile

Sorry I can't say more about the programs, we'll have some more details on those very soon. biggrin
Posted: Wed, 29th Jan 2003, 3:36am

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Sales are gonna start increasing with the new programs
...Or at least you hope they will. razz

Just tell me that we don't have to be painfully polite all the time, and I'll be happy!
Posted: Wed, 29th Jan 2003, 4:53am

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