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mIRC help.

Posted: Tue, 28th Jan 2003, 9:05pm

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It was a long time ago I used mIRC, like 5 years.. And couse the Java chat dosn't work for me no longer.. can someone explain to me to get to the channel by using mIRC ?

Posted: Tue, 28th Jan 2003, 11:30pm

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Bob Page

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the chat seems to be down confused
Posted: Wed, 29th Jan 2003, 9:01am

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The chat is running fine here.

In mIRC first go
file -> options
and make sure your in the 'Connect' category. Then click the 'add' button (top right) and fill in these details.

Description: csb-digital
IRC Server:
Port(s): 6667

The rest you can leave blank. Then click 'Add' to confirm those details. The details will be saved so you wont have to do the above steps each time.

Then click the 'Connect to IRC Server' button and it will connect to us.
Lastly to join a channel just type '/j #channelname'. So to join the alamdvchat channel just type '/j #alamdvchat'