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More Smilies Please

Posted: Wed, 29th Jan 2003, 12:48am

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Bob Page

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Just a suggestion : Can we have more smilies please. I sometimes cannot find a right smilie to show my emotions razz

They can be download from the phpBB website :

Posted: Wed, 29th Jan 2003, 9:20am

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You can always just do an image link to the smilie you want. But we dont really want the forums overrun with these gurning critters biggrin eeek, see, they pop-up everywhere
Posted: Sat, 1st Feb 2003, 1:22am

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Smilies rule.

I vote MORE surprised SmIlEs

*feels about seven years old*
Posted: Sun, 2nd Feb 2003, 4:43am

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i would like more sm biggrin ileeeees!