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jedi costumes (was: jedi)

Posted: Fri, 31st Jan 2003, 12:25am

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were do you guys get your jedi and storm trooper costumes
Posted: Fri, 31st Jan 2003, 8:49am

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I'm a real jedi. Yoda gave me mine.

.... erm...Sorry, I don't know...
Posted: Sun, 2nd Feb 2003, 1:40am

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I made my own. If you go to they have some excellent instructional tips and guides on making your own costumes.

Here is a more specific link for you, there are several articles on creating costumes.

I'm not sure where to get storm trooper uniforms.
Posted: Sun, 2nd Feb 2003, 7:10pm

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I used to have a link to a site that sells fabulous Jedi robes, but for the life of me, I can't seem to remember what it is! Argh... I'll keep searching my Favourites list... I'm sure it'll come back to me somehow smile
Posted: Tue, 4th Feb 2003, 2:49pm

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Try these for size... - Stormtroopers, Tusken Raiders, Rebel Soldiers - Stormtroopers, blasters - Imperial Officers - PVC Blasters - Jedi

On the down side, they all require not being a lazy so and so (which is why I haven't actually made anything yet cool )

Hope these are of some use...

Posted: Thu, 6th Feb 2003, 3:38pm

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I got my plans from[url][/url]
I Had a friend of mine do the sewing while I bought the fabric. The total cost the I had was about $125. The quality was awsome, the only thing I did not get was the boots. They are around $300 so it will be the last thing i buy.
Posted: Sun, 9th Feb 2003, 9:58pm

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I got my gran to nit me one....

lol, no, i dno ive never tride to do a starwars fan film, i thik that althogh sometimes thay look kool, your still just copeing some one elces idea. but if your gona make one, why not by the offical costumes that thay sell in toy shops.
Posted: Mon, 10th Feb 2003, 12:23am

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thank's every body for your help. i'm still open to more help

ps: i plan on buying alamdv 2 this summer and in my movie storm trooper are going to play a prety big role, b/c i have no real storm trooper armor i would like someone to make a lot more storm trooper plugins like a storm trooper running or shooting or walking or looking from left to right or jumping or anything else

thanks again biggrin