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more of a utility than plugin

Posted: Fri, 31st Jan 2003, 1:50pm

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Can you pull code from ALAMDV to create a program to view plugins off line and copy selected ones to the ALAMDV location. Also be able to delete plugins from the ALAMDV location. This will help to select plugins for use without having ALAMDV take an extreme time to come up. My plugin directory is getting upwards of a gig. eek
Posted: Fri, 31st Jan 2003, 5:05pm

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Why have you got that many plug's on you HD, you can't use all of them at the same time, why not simply put some of them on to a CD-R and then you can take them from there - as and when you need them.

It will also free up some HD space.

Give it a go.

Spike cool
Posted: Sun, 23rd Feb 2003, 1:10am

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even with the plugins on cd, the problem still exists of selecting the right one. a utility that displays the plugin would make selection much simpler.
even copying it from the stored location to the alamDV directory. rolleyes
Posted: Sun, 23rd Feb 2003, 10:33am

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It would be handy if the new versions of AlamDV could cope with opening zipped plugins similar to the way MAME can handle this for ROMS. That would certainly help to keep the plugin folders down ... I am also nearing a GIG.
Posted: Sun, 23rd Feb 2003, 3:03pm

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Although it would take awhile you could create a CD( Iwould use a CD-RW so you can update it) create a screen shot thumbnail of each plugin so you know what it looks like and the name it so you know which one it is svae them all on the CD then you could browse the CD for the thumb nails and names to see which one you want without having to load ALAMDV. Then you only have to add the thumbnail for each plugin as you download them.Also you won't have to install the plugins into ALAM and then uninstall them again after I think that is what someone suggested? I assume they are short on HDD space.