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#of Veiws in the Movie format box VS. the Movie detail box

Posted: Sun, 2nd Feb 2003, 2:12am

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I watched the movie Redfruit 2 and noticed while waiting for it to download that the number of views in the movie format box was 56 for the modem version and 59 for the broadband version, now I have done the math several times and it adds up to 115 every time. So why does the movie details box say the number of downloads is 258? That just does not make sense. I went back to see if it registered my watching the movie correctly and it registered 1 in each just as it should(I THINK?). Any logical explanation?
Posted: Sun, 2nd Feb 2003, 4:21am

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Uh..56+59=258. Do the math again. rolleyes

Actually, the counter is messed up. It adds +1 for everytime someone clicks it. So say you click it to start downloading, but it messes up. Then you click again to start it. You finally get it done, then you decide to watch it again later. Thats 3 right there. Or if you have a download resumer, which seem to be pretty popular nowadays, it wouldn't be exagerating to say you could download the file 10+ times. If only a few people do that, you have a screwy value. Make sense? wink
Posted: Sun, 2nd Feb 2003, 4:25pm

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I must be one of the people screwing it up, I have Download Accelerator Plus.
Posted: Mon, 3rd Feb 2003, 10:53pm

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Funny lol I like the big gap you left after you said do the math again crazy so when I brought up the page I could see that but not the rest of your post cool
Posted: Thu, 6th Feb 2003, 8:33am

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The number of downloads in the movie details box is the number of times people have clicked the link (like flip said). The number of views total for each file is actually calculated by the number of people who clicked the link and are logged in (which is why those numbers add up to less).

I admit its pretty confusing and I imagine it will get a makeover soon