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Trigger Mortis

Posted: Wed, 5th Feb 2003, 8:43am

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A man handcuffed to a briefcase is chased by a deadly enemy.
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Posted: Wed, 5th Feb 2003, 12:37pm

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hi well i gave u a four
coz i thought the end bit was so funny with the cops and helecopters..
overall i thought if there was abit more action and the camera could be a little bit more stable then i think it could make a five..
i thought the music went well and gunshot sounds where good

so keep up the good work buddy

learner lol
Posted: Wed, 5th Feb 2003, 12:39pm

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oh i forgot good title aswell
u have obviusly done abit of homework..

learner lol
Posted: Wed, 5th Feb 2003, 2:08pm

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Cant really agree with "learner" here, but he is a learner afterall..
Okey, i think it was kinda boring, nothing really happend. the music was good, the gunsound was to laud.. U should also have used a tripod.
But it was pretty good wink hehe, worth watching.
Posted: Wed, 5th Feb 2003, 3:00pm

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Michael Suzor

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Very good film! I didn't think it was boring at all. A tripod may have been a help for some shots but not useful while you're running (Besides...too many shots with a tripod in a chase scene would have made it look too staged). A line of dialog at the beginning while he was listening on the phone suggesting why he was running would have helped. Your editing was very good and your choice of music fit well. This was a easy 5 for me. Look forward to your next film wink .
Posted: Wed, 5th Feb 2003, 10:42pm

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I gave 4 cause of nice editing and the music was good. To make it better would be to have a few lines in the beginning. But nice job overall.
Posted: Thu, 6th Feb 2003, 9:44pm

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I liked the movie overall, I thought the titles were cool though I was expecting a definition for Trigger Mortis but I guess the end of movie took care of that . I thought the editing was excellent and the camera work was very good I didn't mind the camera shake as most of it was in the running scenes and I thought it lended a touch of reality. The only thing I thought was lacking was the acting which was well, sorry, it was pathetic I guess that is why there was no dialogue, maybe a good decision. The amount of effort you put in to all of the other aspects is very obvious so you may want to try some rehersal to sharpen up the acting I gave it a 3 but was very tempted to give a 4. Good job keep it up!
Posted: Fri, 7th Feb 2003, 10:51pm

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Very good piece! I liked the overall feel to it and you had some good shots. I loved the titles- very simple, but effective. Some of the acting was a little... eh. For instance, when the phone rang the guy pulls a Scooby Doo move- you know that move where they spin around and freeze when they hear the scary monster growl- For the most part, I liked the action in the woods. The shot of the 2 "bad guys" just standing there whispering to each other didn't really work for me. I was kinda... "huh?" At any rate, I did like the ending, although would Rigor Mortis set in that quickly? It was a good ending either way. Overall- a great job. Not a perfect 5, but a great job none the less.

Posted: Sat, 8th Feb 2003, 11:50pm

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Bob Page

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I really like your film biggrin

But at 1:29 we can see the bad guy in the back of the car tard lol
Was it done on purpose?

4 stars razz
Bob Page
Posted: Sun, 9th Feb 2003, 3:44am

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I was wondering when someone would notice the bad guy in the backseat.

Whether you choose to believe me or not we had the badguy in the back to show that perhaps the main character was hallucinating and to show that that bad guy would be triumphant in the end.

- Tom Buckler
Posted: Sun, 9th Feb 2003, 9:58am

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DW Peters

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Titles were cool as was the sound editing (score and fx). I also liked the photography. Many cool angles all edited well together. Nice to see a film with no "real" dialog.
Posted: Sun, 9th Feb 2003, 12:40pm

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Two Gunned Saint

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I really enjoyed that one. Some of the angles were shaky like they say a tripod would have been good. The getting arrested part was good. Nearly a 5 but not quite. Well cut together. The gun sounds sounded like they had been recorded on a range but that somehow added to it.

Did you really have a run in with the law? If so why didn't you film it!!!
Posted: Sun, 9th Feb 2003, 4:44pm

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The nice me would say "great, i loved it!"

The critical me would say, that the scene where he is running through the woods, he is just shooting randomly at nothing, and the ending left us with little discloser.
Posted: Sun, 9th Feb 2003, 9:41pm

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omg I thoght It was just alam dv another action film, the shots were ok and the use of music was good, but then the ending FANTASTIC.

sereously thats one of the most perfectly timed comedy endings i hav ever seen. i was going give it 2 untill the end so i gave it 4, you could have had beter lighting and more external shots of the car scenes but other than that, keep em coming!
Posted: Sun, 9th Feb 2003, 10:18pm

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Bob Page

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turbanator wrote:

the ending FANTASTIC.

sereously thats one of the most perfectly timed comedy endings i hav ever seen.
I totally agree with Turbanator, the end was awesome cool
Posted: Wed, 30th Jul 2003, 1:36am

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Chris Lyon

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You must really like the lost world Jurassic park...the music was aken from that..."finding camp jurassic" was it? very nice work...

I would work on your steady hand and maybe use a tripod...too much like blair witch camera movement. And what about a plot? A guy standing next to a phone and it happens to ring? You should have had him wait a while before picking up the phone. No one would pick up the phone after one ring. And what about a mysterious voice from the phone? All of these are my thoughts...constructive criticism...not to be taken the wrong way. These are things as a filmmaker that I would have included.

Damn....I just read everyone elses post...all of them ranting about the damn was outdated by like...5 years. The titles are okay...i like the opening and it got my hopes up...and then a snowy grave...i was expecting action...hard rock music...and it didnt happen...

The tripod could have been used in the chase scenes without making it look staged if you had used a dolly or a nice set of high-up looking down shots. It was still good...dont get me wrong...but I think good work can ALWAYS be better.

I started off making plotless videos myself and found out that even though plots are sometimes hard to think up or they are cheesy...but at least you would have one...and you wouldn't have me all over your back!

Best of luck on future projects!
-Chris Lyon
Posted: Wed, 28th Jan 2004, 1:38am

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I liked the movie idea and the camera use, it really helped the chase feal. I didnt hear anyone on the phone and had no idea what the guy was running from. Because of this I got the idea that the main character was a little crazy, this was helped by the ending when he seamed to be trying to block something out of his mind. Why was he wearing a brief case? I got the impression that there was more to the story then we saw, like the man was drivin over the edge of sanity. I would love to see a prequel and since I liked the movie I would also like to see a re-make by someone else just to see how different movie makers do things differently (personal touches if you will) well hope to see both!
Posted: Fri, 6th Feb 2004, 11:04pm

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It appears that BRB productions is gone, but I have to say that the guns used in here were really good and that is movie is definatly one of the best Ive seen on this site
Posted: Tue, 21st Sep 2004, 5:57pm

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ok.....who hasnt seen this yet?
Posted: Sat, 30th Oct 2004, 4:44pm

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So it was you that handled the cameras in Bourne Supremacy, wasn't it? biggrin

Ok, now seriously, I liked it with the shaky camera and all. Nice effort.