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Plug-in i need

Posted: Wed, 5th Feb 2003, 4:55pm

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please i need a Helicopter with moving rotators because the one on the effects list dosent have moving rotators and if you can, can u make it look like the Crashed Helicopter but not crashed thanks in Advance
Posted: Wed, 5th Feb 2003, 7:08pm

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owen rixon

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R U referring to my crashed helicopter plugin.......(wow). What your asking for sounds like a job for KermZ or Billy 3d
Posted: Wed, 5th Feb 2003, 7:38pm

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I'm sorry, Bauza.... But this is ridiculous. You've requested this more than four times in a very short period of time. I understand that you want/need this plugin; but cool your jets, man. The plugin makers are not only very busy with plugins, but they also have their own lives to attend to. Give it time, and I am sure that the plugin will come around. But repeating the post in different forums multiple times doesn't move anything faster. Sorry if it sounds like I am scolding you, but I am just saying this because I know it annoyed me. So chances are, it annoyed some other people as well. In time, your plugin may be made.
Posted: Wed, 5th Feb 2003, 8:43pm

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lol i have 3 brothers and we all want that effect so every brother put preety much the same post and didnt tell me or the others lol sorry if we annoyed we know its not easy to make plug-ins and there very busy
Posted: Wed, 5th Feb 2003, 9:38pm

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nitroviper007, Cheer's for the input that we do indeed have lives of our own.

bauza , your request is very low in detail of what you want, do you need it hovering/on the ground/close up/distant, detail's like this help so that we can make the plugin that you want, not just something that we dream up.

We can dream it up for you don't get me wrong, but a little input is needed so we know where you are looking or we could get it wrong - in your eye's anyway.

More info please would be great.

Spike cool
Posted: Wed, 5th Feb 2003, 10:28pm

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oh gosh..back to the "My brother(s)" excuse

we know...we know.....