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Quantum Leap

Posted: Thu, 6th Feb 2003, 4:42pm

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Jealous Flesh

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We have the blue light plug in, we have the blue lightning.

What we DONT have are the spiderweb esque blue lines (or red for the Evil Leaper) that appear behind the leaper.

Ever see Transformers the Movie? THese lines appear behind the Decepticons that are being reformed by Unicron as well.

Can anyone help?
Posted: Thu, 6th Feb 2003, 9:20pm

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I'm trying to remember the show (Which was awesome, BTW.) Wasn't it similar to the matrix lines that we already have in the plugin section, but in a beautiful iridescent blue? Or maybe there weren't quite that many lines involved... hmm.


Woops, my bad. I looked it up and jarred my memory...

Come on all ye plugin makers!
Posted: Thu, 6th Feb 2003, 10:12pm

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That looks like it would be really easy to do. If you don't have any takers for a few days I will try to find some time to make it.