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Posted: Thu, 13th Feb 2003, 12:15am

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more explosoins please biggrin
Posted: Thu, 13th Feb 2003, 12:35am

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Bob Page

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Yes explosions are always welcome smile
Posted: Thu, 13th Feb 2003, 5:03am

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I completely forgot!!

there was a thread a while back about Eyewire explosions that could be made into plugins. . . I had said I would buy the collection, so that someone could make them into a bunch of plugins. the question arose as to whether the explosions were entirely contained within the frame (because the previews they gave were not) I had said I would call the customer support and find out if they cropped the preview or not, before I bought the series. Long story short, I forgot to post a response in that thread, but . . . you see what you get. the woman I talked to said that all they did to make the previews was shrink frame size, not crop. so I didn't end up buying the set of explosions.

I'm really sorry I forgot to get back to you guys about that! redface redface
Posted: Thu, 13th Feb 2003, 10:57pm

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While I agree that more explosions is always a good thing, we have got to have over twenty available right now. How many more do you need?

And aaron99, since you can't download plugins yet anyway, (since you are not yet a gold member, more explosions would not really help you out at this point anyway, right?
Posted: Fri, 14th Feb 2003, 1:12am

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well i'm going to buy alamdv 2 this summer
Posted: Fri, 14th Feb 2003, 3:04am

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Hmm... Would that be legal to turn those eyewire Explosions into Plugins?