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Movie lightsabers

Posted: Mon, 17th Feb 2003, 12:22am

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I like making little lego man starwars films, and use alamDV for the lightsabers. However, i was thinking of choreographing my own realtime films, using lightsabers. Currently I draw a lightsaber in for each frame. This is fine for 10fps, and for a 2 minute clip. But when i thought about say 5mins on over 40fps, i realised that there must be a more effective way? Is there, or are you gus all REALLY patient?
Posted: Mon, 17th Feb 2003, 12:44am

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We're all very patient biggrin . Sometimes the tween feature can be used effectively for lightsbers, but only sometimes. But I have a question... If PAL is 25 fps, and NTSC is 30..... What the heck are you doing that is 40 fps?
Posted: Mon, 17th Feb 2003, 12:47am

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Patience is indeed the key. If you are holding your lightsaber relatively still, you can use keyframing in AlamDV to speed things up a bit, but once the blade is moving, frame-by-frame is the only way to do it. Well, maybe not the only way, but it gives the best results. You can try keyframing every other frame to speed it up a bit, but the blade won't line up on some of the frames. You might not be able to see it too bad at 30 fps, but you will see it.
Posted: Mon, 17th Feb 2003, 1:20am

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do the fight at 20 fps to save time. No one will notice.
Posted: Mon, 17th Feb 2003, 2:27am

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I once saw a tutorial on It said to shoot your film and export it at 15fps as a Quicktime MOV with Sorenson 3 Video Compression. This works well for me, it also works well for me to use the slow shutter feature on my dv camera. Doing this gives you visible saber trails to work with.

Hope this helps,
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