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Lightsaber hums

Posted: Mon, 17th Feb 2003, 8:29pm

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Sid Von Dagger

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anyone know of a site with a good library of lightsaber hums/turn ons/clashes?

much appreciated
Posted: Mon, 17th Feb 2003, 8:59pm

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Do a search on the forums or go to the 'ultimate helpful links' thread which is in the Film forum.
Posted: Tue, 18th Feb 2003, 2:16am

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This has about any lightsaber sound you want twisted
Posted: Tue, 18th Feb 2003, 1:54pm

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Ohk, would it not be a good idea to make the post (a week back ish) with all the lightsaber sound sites into a STICKY post, coz this is asked soooo often razz Just a thought to the web crew cool
Posted: Wed, 23rd Apr 2003, 11:16am

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If you have Jedi nite 2 for the PC and have winzip on your computer, why not just open the D drive and go into game data and unzip the cab files! Simple. razz razz