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Superimposing AlamDV effects with Final Cut Pro

Posted: Tue, 25th Feb 2003, 3:00pm

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Hey there

I read a posting somewhere on here a while back, about somebody who was superimposing rendered AlamDv effects onto his untouched raw footage using Final Cut. It claimed to be the best way to keep the quality of footage with no loss at all, with the effects simply placed over the top. As a newbie to both FCP and ALAMDV I'm wondering how this process is done. I can export rendered footage with the 'black background' selected, but I can't seem to then place the effects over my original edit in Final Cut. Any ideas? Also, I was wondering if the creators of AlamDv could stick up a posting explaining exactly how they go about putting their effects together, i.e what they export/import footage as, what editing packages they use, the best way to keep quality and so on. How about it?
Posted: Tue, 25th Feb 2003, 4:40pm

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Simon K Jones

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This is all stuff we'll be covering in new tutorials when the new website goes live in April.

Until then...try compositing using a black alpha matte.

Alternatively, export with a blue or green background, and then try compositing using a greenscreen or bluescreen key.
Posted: Tue, 25th Feb 2003, 8:18pm

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I have been using Final Cut Pro since it first came out. Here's how I use Alamdv with Final Cut Pro.

1. Start by just importing your footage into AlamDV, Edit, Composite, do what ever you wanted to with your special effects. Have fun, it's a great program.

2. When going to export your footage to a QuickTime ((!! chose BLACK as your background!!)) your Special effects shot will now be a stand alone shot when played back. I.E. No background.

3. After importing your new special effects footage into Final Cut Pro, you want to then put that footage ON TOP OF (V2) your original RAW footage (V1). Now you should have BOTH your RAW footage (V1) and your SPECIAL EFFECTS footage (V2) over each other.

4. Double click your special effects footage to load it into your viewer. after that, go up to MODIFY in the MENU and select COMPOSITE MODE then SCREEN from that sub menu.

5. Your special effect in (V2) will now need to be rendered. render the footage, play back, and watch the magic work.

I hope that I helped out and that it was clear. Remember Gamesdv, you can't break a Mac, so just play around with it. See what works for you. That's how I learned. Anyway, this trick works. Have fun, remember, that when a PC dreams, it dreams it's a Mac. Good luck.
Posted: Tue, 25th Feb 2003, 8:34pm

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Make sure to export the thing to .dv instead of .mov so it takes less time to render.

Or just do it in AE...
Posted: Wed, 26th Feb 2003, 9:53am

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Thanks v. much. It's a great program by the way. Simply fantastic and these support forums are excellent. It seems nobody seems to say that much. Thanks again.