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Thinking of buying alamdv 2 QUESTION.

Posted: Wed, 26th Feb 2003, 1:29am

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I am pity impressed with alamdv 2 and am seriously thinking about purchasing a serial number for my downloaded demo, but before I do I need to be sure of a couple of things.

Firstly if I buy a serial number will I be entitled to download as many pluggins as I like, or is there a limit?

Secondaly, will all future updates be free of charge?


Posted: Wed, 26th Feb 2003, 1:49am

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When you purchase the program, you can download as many plugins as you like, whenever and howmany ever biggrin AlamDV3 is on the verge of release, but no worries. If you purchase an enjoy AlamDV2 now, you get a free upgrade to AlamDV3. From there, all updates within AlamDV version 3 will be free. But remember, that is a long ways off. Buy Alam now and enjoy the wonders of easy-as-pie-but-cool-as-cool-gets special effects!
Posted: Wed, 26th Feb 2003, 1:50am

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Buy away

you can download ALLL the plug-ins you want.

You dont have to pay for the updates.
For alamdv3, anyone who bought it before jan 1st has to pay a charge, seeings how its after that date, you would get alamdv3 upgrade for free

so no you dont have to pay anything more, unless you want their other programs that are coming out (digigrade and chromanator)

Posted: Wed, 26th Feb 2003, 6:27am

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Magic_Man how come you have never bought it or have you just never registered as a Gold User?