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a sugjestion

Posted: Wed, 26th Feb 2003, 5:34pm

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to whoever runs this site: could you make a plugin categorie where there
are just household items like, chairs,cups,tables,cars I could do force powers. because bluescreening is such a pain. neutral
Posted: Wed, 26th Feb 2003, 5:51pm

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It would be much,much,much more of a pain to create photo realistic plug-ins of the specific chairs, cups, tables, cars etc. that you have, so that you could match them with the real objects in your movie. Then you have th issue of camrea angles so that the plug-in object matches the background plate you shot, and the lighting to try and match,....

Just use fishing line dude. (Obviously not for cars) Just tie a piece of fishing line to a smaller object, and have someone pull it from outside the frame. As long as the shot is fairly wide, you will never even see the fishing line, so there is no compositing to do, you shoot it and you are done. Easiest way I know.

(PS: you will probably have to intercut the footage of it getting pulled with another shot of the object getting caught by whoever, or hitting or landing at whatever point you need it to. For those shots, just have someone throw it in from off camera.)
Posted: Wed, 26th Feb 2003, 9:22pm

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Yeah, if you spell suggestion right . . . lol
Posted: Thu, 27th Feb 2003, 4:56am

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heh dont u go to school dude? and ur american right? well i guess i know more english than u lol

ps: j/k wink