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Donnie Darko water ripples?

Posted: Sat, 1st Mar 2003, 11:35pm

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Is there a plugin that could create ripples like in the Donnie Darko dream sequences?

If you haven't seen the movie the effect is basically like there is an invisible wall and when it is touched it ripples like water (rings moving outward like a rock was dropped in a pool).
Posted: Sun, 2nd Mar 2003, 1:34am

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The problem with that effect (I saw the movie, very nice. Liked it a lot) is that it's a manipulation and warping of the footage itself. I believe that either Premiere or After Effects can do this, but don't hold me to that statement. However, AlamDV cannot warp or change footage like that. I suppose that if you wanted to do a less-than-perfect version of the effect, you could use the shockwave plugin. Make it semi-transparent, and add several in the same area at different points in the animation. Not the best, but it could work, I suppose.
Posted: Thu, 20th Mar 2003, 2:18pm

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I too loved Donnie darko, but that plugin would be impossible with ALAMdv as i only allows for overlays.